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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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  1. 1. AfricaBy Andrew Antonitis, Adam Hennigan, and PatrickHanbury  Andrew Antonitis
  2. 2. Blood Diamonds Blood diamonds: Illegal diamonds sold by Africanwarlords in turn to buy guns to take more land tomine for more diamonds also there is blood oilwhich is the oil the warlords sell.
  3. 3. Climate and GeographyAfrica has a very diverse  climate, ranging from rainforests todeserts. Much of western africa is semi-arid, while smallpockets are humid and receive much rainfall.Much of northern west africa is taken up by the Sahara Desert,the largest desert in the world. Areas near the desert tend tobe dry. The land near the equator has soem tropical rainforests, though these are declining due to logging.
  4. 4. TimbuktuFounded in 1100 A.D, Timbuktu was a trading cneter for saltand gold. Gradually, however, scholars became attracted to thecity, and it became a crossroads for learning and a center forIslamic expansion. Islamic learning became very important andthe city turned into the pinnacle of Islamic study and learning.Timbuktu began to decline in 1591 when it was captured byMorocco.
  5. 5. MaliThe Mali emerged among the declining Ghana. Their first leaderSundiata the Hero united the scattered tribes in 1235. TheMali became very rich through gold and trade. They had manyskilled craftsman and were for a time that most powerfulempire in west Africa. The Mali began to decline in the 1400sdue to weak rulers and raids, but the citizens still dreamed ofthe empire one day returning to its full strength and power.