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Workshop pitchen

  1. 1. Steve StevensBusiness Coach – Durf OndernemenUniversiteit Gent
  2. 2. ‘The era of small ideas is over’
  3. 3. De UGent ondersteunt ondernemendestudenten via het project ‘Durf Ondernemen’ enhet bijzonder statuut van ‘student-ondernemer’
  4. 4. Stap in de voetsporen van ondernemers zoalsRichard Branson en Marc Zuckerberg, die beidenheel vroeg startten.“Als student heb je niets te verliezen, buiten jefiets.”
  5. 5. ‘The era of small ideas is over’
  6. 6. Pitch Workshop 27/3/2013 – iMinds Gent
  7. 7. elevator pitch
  8. 8. Elevator pitchShort summary to define a product, service ororganisation and its valuesDeliver the summary in the time span of an elevatorride (30 sec – 2 min)
  9. 9. Elevator pitch - purposeOften used by entrepreneurs towards venturecapitalists or business angels to receive funding andduring networking eventsAlso used in job interviewing, dating and summarizingprofessional services.
  10. 10. Elevator pitch - purposeBut: Don’t try to sell too hard Know who you are talking to Just tease
  11. 11. Pitch TechnicsElevator pitchNABCAIDAInformal pitchPecha kucha…
  12. 12. How to Get Rid of Nervousness Prepare yourself ! It’s all-in the mind (mind exercises) Soothe your mood with music (feel good songs) Avoid nervousness-triggering factors (coffee,…) Relax, stretch, breathe in and out
  13. 13. Vision board
  14. 14. NABC-model
  15. 15. My NABC Need – Approach –Benefit - Competition [Lisa Pattyn]
  16. 16. An important client or market need addressed by a unique approach with compelling benefits when compared against the competition or alternatives
  17. 17. NeedWhat are our clients needs? A need should relateto an important and specific client or marketopportunity, with market size and end customersclearly stated. The market should be large enoughto merit the necessary investment anddevelopment time.Example – Video On Demand system:Movie rental is a 500 Mio Euro business. The partpeople dislike is to return tapes and late fees.
  18. 18. ApproachAs the approach develops through iterations, itbecomes a full proposal or business plan, whichcan include marketpositioning, cost, staffing, partnering, deliverables, a timetable and intellectual property (IP)protection.Example: We will provide Video On Demand viathe cable with access to all tittles of IMDB. Thesystem uses existing channels and hardware.Customers need no new investments and paythe same price for a movie as in the rental shop.
  19. 19. BenefitsWhat are the client benefits of our approach?Each approach to a clients need results in uniqueclient benefits, such as low cost, high performanceor quick response. (better, faster, cheaper). Successrequires that the benefits be quantitative andsubstantially better - not just different. Why mustwe win?Example: – End-user: no need to return movies; no more late fees. Same functions as with a DVD player: fast forward, trailers, ..etc. – Customer: Higher revenue per movie with higher margin; 20% market share expected.
  20. 20. Competition / AlternativesWhy are our benefits significantly better than the competition?Everyone has alternatives. We must be able to tell our client orpartner why our solution represents the best value. To do this,we must clearly understand our competition and our clientsalternatives. We must be able to clearly state why our approachis substantially better than that of the competition. Our answershould be short and memorable.Example: • Competition : we have patented the distribution and VCR like features for VOD. • Alternatives : on-line rentals have higher handling costs (0.75 Euro per movie). Sending the tape back is as inconvenient as returning it.
  21. 21. Or in other words..I want to develop …. (a defined offering)To help …… (target audience)Solve …..With as secret sauce ….
  22. 22. AIDA-model
  23. 23. Attention
  24. 24. Interest
  25. 25. Desire
  26. 26. Action
  27. 27. AIDA Vision boardVision statement Attentionproduct, value en needs Interestproduct, value en needs DesireAfspraak maken Action
  28. 28. Create your own pitch
  29. 29. TO DOEach student writes a pitch proposalEach student presents his/her proposal to the otherstudentsEach student creates a final proposals (5 min)Each student will get feedback
  30. 30.