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SensorThings API Webinar - #2 of 4 - IoT Data Modeling with Open Standards


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OGC SensorThings API Get Started Webinar Series #2 of 4. (Dec 3 2015)

Title: IoT Data Modeling with Open Standards

Watch recording here:

More to come:
#3: Connect and Manage Your Sensors with OGC SensorThings API (Dec 10th 2015)
#4: Query and Analytics with SensorThings API (Dec 17th 2015)

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SensorThings API Webinar - #2 of 4 - IoT Data Modeling with Open Standards

  1. 1. OGC SensorThings API Tutorial #2 - SensorThings Data Model 0.23 litre/minute 0.25 litre/minute 0.27 litre/minuteRH: 85 % Temp: 18 Celsius Dr. Steve Liang Chair, OGC SensorThings API Standard Working Group Founder and CEO, SensorUp Inc. Associate Professor, University of Calgary
  2. 2. Agenda • OGC SensorThings Data Model • Steps of IoT Data Modeling • Example Use Cases • Hands-on! OGC SensorThings Playground
  3. 3. About Dr. Steve Liang • Associate Professor, Geomatics Engineering, Uni. Calgary • AITF-Microsoft Industry Chair on Open Sensor Web • Chair OGC SensorThings API Standard Working Group • Co-Chair OGC Sensor Web Enablement Domain Working Group • N.A. Chair, OGC University Domain Working Group • Rapporteur, ITU-T SG12/11 on Internet of Things Test Specifications • Founder and CEO, SensorUp Inc, a University of Calgary startup (
  4. 4. About SensorUp • We are a world leader in OGC Sensor Web and IoT • We are leading several international IoT standard development efforts (OGC and ITU-T) • We developed world’s first OGC SensorThings API implementation
  5. 5. Congrats! • OGC Technical Committee approved an electronic vote to approve release of OGC SensorThings API as an OGC Adopted Standard yesterday.
  6. 6. Applications or Devices Web Server (e.g., Cloud) Part 2. SensorThings API RESTful Interfaces Part 1. Standard Data Model MQTT, HTTP, CoAP
  7. 7. SensorThings API Entities • based on ISO 19156:2011 Observations and Measurements (O&M) conceptual model
  8. 8. OGC ® O&M Concept 8 (Sensor)
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Steps of IoT Data Modeling 1.What is the THING in my application? 2.What phenomena (i.e., OBSERVED-PROPERTY) are my THING observing? 3.What SENSORs am I using to collect observations? 4.What is the target (i.e., FEATURE-OF-INTEREST) of my observations?
  11. 11. What is a Thing? • A thing is an object of the physical world (physical things) or the information world (virtual things) that is capable of being identified and integrated into communication networks. (ITU-T Y.2060) 11
  12. 12. From a Device Maker’s Perspective 12
  13. 13. 13 Steve Lin Noah 1. Heart Rate sensor 2. Scale 1. Heart Rate 2. Weight Wifi Scale Master bath
  14. 14. From a Health Analytics Provider’s Perspective 14
  15. 15. Steve’s heart Steve’s body Hexoskin Withing Wifi Scale Steve Point collected by GPS Heart Rate Weight 15
  16. 16. What if you thing is a traffic camera?
  17. 17. 17 Exit #24 A section of Highway #2 Lightpost #1 Traffic Cam model #1 Queue Length TrafficCam Location and FeatureOfInterest are different! Raw Images
  18. 18. • What is your THING depending on your use case. • SensorThings API supports multiple views to model your IoT applications. • Flexible and Future Proof • That means your IoT investment can evolve with your business. 18
  19. 19. OGC SensorThings Playground • OGC SensorThings API Playground • • OGC Incident Management for Information Sharing • v1.0 • e.g., a temperature datastream: http:// Datastreams(71592)/Observations
  20. 20. OGC SensorThings Playground •
  21. 21. Any Questions?