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Sales Brochure


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Published in: Technology, Business
  • Looks like an innovative service will help with the marketing and management of restaurants
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Sales Brochure

  1. 1. More bums on seats Automate your reservations No bookings, no cost
  2. 2. ~3 million searches every 2 month! 6 10 in customers search online before selecting a restaurant1. 1 2 Source: American Express Hospitality Monitor, June 2007. Google Analytics, Feb 2009* V22.09NOV09
  3. 3. Long Overdue! USA: 2000 UK: 2002 Australia: 2009 Real-Time Restaurant Reservations now available in Australia! “This presents an exciting new era for restaurant reservations in this country and I am happy to support the introduction of this service to our diners and restaurants across Australia.” Robert Goldman (Former CEO) V22.09NOV09
  4. 4. Over 40 MILLION Real Time Bookings in 2009! 0% 96,000 11,000 online bookings every day online bookings every day 11,000 25,000 participating restaurants participating restaurants 12 in Restaurant Reservations are made online in real-time San Francisco1 Source: 1) Zagat Survey 2008: San Francisco (43%), Atlanta (40%), Washington D.C. (37%), NewYork (17%.)
  5. 5. Aussies LOVE the Convenience of Online Bookings Car Hire Flights Hotels 68% booked online 65% booked online 50% booked online Restaurants Source: Google – Jigsaw Research 2009 V22.09NOV09
  6. 6. Why Customers PREFER Real-Time Reservations... More Instant Convenient “I don’t get busy signals, I don’t get put on hold & “I can make the reservation I don’t have to wait hours for whenever I want to” an e-mail response!” Easier More “I searched online, so Reliable naturally it would be great if I could also “I know my book online” reservation will be accurate” Source: Cornell University (The Centre for Hospitality Research), How Restaurant Customers View On-Line Reservations, Vol 9, No 5, March 2009.
  7. 7. Australia’s LARGEST Restaurant Booking Network 1.5M customers searching for restaurants every month! Denotes Premium Booking Partner (agreed additional level of joint marketing activity) A-List Guide & Food Wine Sleep: Search Prioritisation due to commence Feb 2010. V22.09NOV09
  8. 8. Make a Booking Changing the way Australians Book Restaurants! Automatic 24-Hour Reminder Instant Confirmation Automatically cross-sells (Reservation Number) Instant Notification alternate times Automatic Database Builder Instant Notification Personalisation (allergies, birthdays) Automatic 24-Hour Reminder Real-time Syncronisation with your Electronic Reservation Diary (ERD) V22.09NOV09
  9. 9. of restaurants using The Advantages for Restaurants 59% on-line bookings see an increase in bookings! SAVE MONEY INCREASE BOOKINGS SUPERIOR SERVICE Reduce e-mail tag Bookable 24/7 More consistent Reduce voice-message tag Attract additional bookings Improved reliability Reduce labour costs Capture lost bookings Increased satisfaction "Dimmi gives our customers "If you don't use this system you "Online real-time reservations the opportunity to book 24/7 are an idiot. The Dimmi booking have allowed our staff more time without taking up time from system is magic - 200 people to focus on service training & staff. Dimmi will soon become booking in our first 2 weeks. Can product knowledge." the normal booking process." any other system beat that??? Tim Connell, GM Craig Macindoe , Owner Pat Sullivan, Manager (Coast) (MuMu Grill) (Restaurant Balzac) Source: Cornell University (The Centre for Hospitality Research), How Restaurant Customers View On-Line Reservations, Vol 9, No 5, March 2009. V22.09NOV09
  10. 10. 1 in 3 Restaurants in the USA use an Electronic Diary vs Open for bookings 24/7 Automatically database builder Saves time & money by improving efficiencies Converts website traffic into revenue Superior customer service experience Automated no-show management Automated Booking Confirmation & Reminder Reporting capabilities Global Remote Access 24/7 Secure remote back-up of reservations V22.09NOV09
  11. 11. Introductory Offer – FIRST 1,000 RESTAURANTS ONLY! SAVE $2,000 EVERY YEAR RESERVATION DIARY DIRECT BOOKING REFERRAL BOOKING FREE $3.00 per person $1.00 per person …no bookings, no cost Prices: All prices exclude GST. V22.09NOV09
  12. 12. OVER 550 Restaurants Across Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane 100+ joining Including 60% of Sydney’s “hatted” restaurants! every week! V22.09NOV09
  17. 17. QUEENSLAND V22.09NOV09
  18. 18. HOTELS & GROUPS V22.09NOV09