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Creating an online business with Quick Shopping Cart is simple, fast, and affordable. Start your own eCommerce website and sell online today

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SeaNSun LLC Quick Shopping Cart - Build ecommerce Website

  1. 1. 12 Village GreenMillbury, Ma 01527SeaNSun LLCSmall Business SolutionsCreate your own store with ease!Simply choose a design and layout, customize it withour simple type-and-click editing, add your productsand start selling! Quick Shopping Cart leads you stepby step though the process of building an online store.Quick Shopping Cart®Professionally designed templatesOur step-by-step store setup makes building an onlinestore simple. Its easy to customize your online store bychoosing from over 1,500 design and colorcombinations You can add your logo, adjust colors,fonts, background images, navigation, headers, footersand more. Synchronize your store with Website Builderor Quick Blogcast® (optional)Phone: 508-277-4425E-mail: sales@seansunllc.comwww.seansunllc.comSeaNSun LLCPick your layoutShow off your products! Select from 14 category pagestyles and 11 product detail page styles to find the bestlayout to present your merchandise. Personalize evenfurther by setting your display preferences – show orhide category lists, display nested categories and showor hide home page elements.1 of 4
  2. 2. Add product imagesUpload your favorite product shots, including enlargements. Forthe Deluxe and Premium Plans, you can have up to five imagesper product.Create an online catalogCreate an online catalog to help your customers browse throughyour products. Make it even easier with nested categories. You canspecify product details, including SKU, description, pricing,options and inventory tracking.Phone: 508-277-4425E-mail: sales@seansunllc.comwww.seansunllc.com12 Village GreenMillbury, Ma 01527SeaNSun LLCSeaNSun LLCSmall Business SolutionsCustomize your navigationIf youre adding Quick Shopping Cart to an existing website, youcan customize your store navigation to work with your website.And if you use Website Builder for your main website, you canmatch your stores navigation and design.Increase your salesOffer coupon codes for an amount-off, a percent-off or freeshipping. Create product cross-sells and up-sells that suggestrelated products. Showcase featured products in your Web storesidebar. Integrate with Express Email Marketing® to reach out toyour customer base.2 of 4
  3. 3. Provide real-time shipping quotesGet U.S. and international shipping rate quotes from UPS®,FedEx® and the United States Postal Service® or create your owncustom shipping rate table. Offer a Pickup option for localcustomers. Ship anywhere in the U.S., Canada or Mexico, as wellas over 100 additional countries.Accept multiple payment optionsIncrease sales by accepting all major credit cards with a merchantaccount and payment gateway. Or use your Point of Sale system toprocess transactions. In addition, you can add PayPal ExpressCheckout or PayPal Payments Standard even use offline methodssuch as COD or Print and Call.Phone: 508-277-4425E-mail: sales@seansunllc.comwww.seansunllc.com12 Village GreenMillbury, Ma 01527SeaNSun LLCSeaNSun LLCSmall Business SolutionsManage your taxesEasily configure tax options. Establish state-by-state, a flat taxand/or VAT (Value Added Tax).Get more customersAdd your products to Google® Product Search and easily uploadyour products to eBay®. Search engine-friendly page URLs increaseyour products visibility in search engines. Enter product andcategory meta tags to get the most out of search engines.Quick Shopping Cart®3 of 4
  4. 4. Manage your ordersSee new orders, inventory status and member activity at-a-glanceon the Quick Shopping Cart home page. Search and filter yourcustomers orders by order status, payment status and customer.Export order information to a Microsoft Excel® file. Capturecredit card payments, enter shipping details and trackinginformation and create a file to print shipping labels.Track your sales and activityQuick reports display sales information at a glance. Export toExcel® for more detailed analysis. Integrate with Site Analytics tomeasure Web store traffic and conversions.Phone: 508-277-4425E-mail: sales@seansunllc.comwww.seansunllc.com12 Village GreenMillbury, Ma 01527SeaNSun LLCSeaNSun LLCSmall Business SolutionsSee it all at a glanceRecent activity is automatically displayed on your dashboard. Seenew orders, inventory levels, member activity, to selling productsand more, all at a glance. Every time you log into your account, yousee how your store is doing.4 of 4