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SeaNSun LLC Internet Fax - Send - Receive Faxes - Fax thru Email


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Discover a flexible, affordable alternative to fax machines. Send and receive faxes using your email account with Fax thru Email

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SeaNSun LLC Internet Fax - Send - Receive Faxes - Fax thru Email

  1. 1. 12 Village GreenMillbury, Ma 01527SeaNSun LLCSmall Business SolutionsWelcome to the future of faxingSave money on faxing. With Fax Thru Email, theres noneed to buy a space-hogging fax machine or add atelephone line. As easy as a mouse-click. Send yourdocuments over the Internet with little more than theclick of a button. Spare the trees. Eliminate the need forpaper each time you send or receive a fax – use yourfavorite email program or fax online atFaxThruEmail.comFax Thru EmailEasy-to-use dashboardGet in, start working. Fax Thru Email walks you step-by-step through the process of sending a fax. Save yourselftime. Use our 3-step Cover Sheet Wizard to create yourown personalized cover sheets without any hassle.Elegant features. One click of your mouse is all it takesto add attachments up to 20 MB in size.Phone: 508-277-4425E-mail: sales@seansunllc.comwww.seansunllc.comSeaNSun LLCFaxing to fit your lifeWorks where you are. Fax Thru Email lets you fax fromany computer or mobile device with an Internetconnection. Handles most popular formats. The skysthe limit – fax Microsoft Office®, PDF or image filesstored on your computer. Stop waiting around. Neverstand around waiting at a fax machine again – haveyour faxes delivered to your inbox
  2. 2. History at your fingertipsRest easy. Track all of your incoming and outgoing faxes from thefax history screen. Quick reference. Easily choose from a list ofpreviously faxed numbers for fast sending.Private and secureMaintain your privacy. Each Fax Thru Email account comes with itsvery own unique, personal and private phone number. Security atyour fingertips. End unwanted faxes by blocking any domestic orinternational number. Away from prying eyes. Fax Thru Emailstores faxes in your inbox instead of leaving paper copies lyingaround.Phone: 508-277-4425E-mail: sales@seansunllc.comwww.seansunllc.com12 Village GreenMillbury, Ma 01527SeaNSun LLCSeaNSun LLCSmall Business SolutionsGet more done with WorkspaceStreamline your workflow. Stay organized by using Fax Thru Emailwith our other Workspace Products – Email, Calendar and OnlineStorage. Keep fax files handy. Add attachments to a fax from yourOnline Storage with a single click. Fax anywhere. Send and receivefaxes via email on your computer or mobile device.