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Sea N Sun Web Hosting - Secure Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth


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Web Hosting couldn't be easier at Sea N Sun. With our award winning 24-7 tech support you'll get the web hosting service you want and at the right price

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Sea N Sun Web Hosting - Secure Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth

  1. 1. 12 Village GreenMillbury, Ma 01527SeaNSun LLCSmall Business SolutionsWhy you need 4GH® HostingWelcome to the next generation of Webhosting. 4th generation hosting (4GH) offersa new level of reliability, performance andsecurity.Web HostingReliabilityOur clustered, multi-server environmentgives you the horsepower you need tokeep your site operating at peak capacity.Real-time performance managementensures that your cluster will growdynamically with you.Phone: 508-277-4425E-mail: sales@seansunllc.comwww.seansunllc.comSeaNSun LLC
  2. 2. PerformanceOur dynamic duo for traffic management – Cisco®load balancing and auto-adjusting bandwidth –keeps your site running smoothly, regardless oftraffic spikes. Load Balancing delivers your traffic tothe servers with the most available resources, soyour site isnt tied to the limited performance of asingle server. Unlimited, Auto-Adjusting Bandwidtheliminates the overage fees you find with other Webhosts. Your bandwidth automatically increases asyou need it, so your site can handle anything thatcomes its way.SecurityEvery site is protected by expert, round-the-clocksecurity. Our team monitors the Internet 24/7, blockingmalicious attacks BEFORE they get to your website. withyou.Phone: 508-277-4425E-mail: sales@seansunllc.comwww.seansunllc.com12 Village GreenMillbury, Ma 01527SeaNSun LLCSeaNSun LLCSmall Business Solutions