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IMPACT: Ghent University policy plan on societal value creation

Presentation for workshop by The International School on Research Impact Assessment (Rathenau Institute - April 2015)

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IMPACT: Ghent University policy plan on societal value creation

  1. 1. Sneak preview of institutional policy plan: approval set for meeting of Board of Governors 8 May 2015 1
  2. 2. Strategic Plan 2.0 (2012): project assigned to Research Department SP Package: sponsor + project manager + taskforce + overarching Steering Committee (incl. PMO) Formal advice from Research Council (representatives from disciplines) Process: 1. Agreeing on definition 2. Reflecting on scope (characteristics and principles, types of SI, prerequisites, methods of evaluation and quality assurance, …) 3. Suggesting actions (from very concrete to conducive to general shift in mindset) Result: Executive summary + comprehensive policy plan (with background info) 2
  3. 3. What is value creation? What is societal value creation? More than the transferral of the research results: • Diversity (to researchers, disciplines, research, results…) • Iterative process 3
  4. 4. Broad frame of reference: • Relevant to all fields of research • Respectful to fundamental research • Taking into, account creativity and individuality Plan proposes a framework which allows for quality assurance, evaluation and appreciation of impact through a descriptive approach of types rather than a restrictive measurement by way of quantitative indicators (goes against Flemish predeliction for allocation keys). Plan focusses on creating an academic environment stimulating societal value creation through a set of diverse actions. 4
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  6. 6. Policy plan describes a broad field of action and wide array of supportive measures: from concrete tools for the research community (e.gL. Online toolbox and professional advice onf funding and impact paragraphs) to strategic embedding. Not one magic solution but a puzzle of measures: outside the strict confines of research policy > need for synergies with other policy and support areas with the university (HR, Communication) 6
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