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Amazon Web Services


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Let's start a discussion about Amazon Web Services.

Published in: Technology
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Amazon Web Services

  1. 1. TLA Managers | 5/17/13 | Steve SternBuilding on AmazonWeb ServicesGetting the discussion started
  2. 2. What is AWS?“Amazon Web Services offers a complete set ofinfrastructure and application services thatenable you to run virtually everything in thecloud: from enterprise applications and big dataprojects to social games and mobile apps.”
  3. 3. Key FeaturesPay for what you use, sort ofFixed capital expenses become demand drivenexpensesGrow and shrink as necessaryShort lead times for standard applications
  4. 4. What can you buy?Virtual Servers (Elastic Cloud) with or without pre-build app stacks / CPU or GPUcomputingStorage (S3) & Archiving (Glacier)Automated Build (Beanstalk)Global Network / CDN (Cloudfront)Load BalancingDatabase Services (from MySQL & SQL Server to Big Data)Virtual Private Clouds with VPNsDistributed DNS (Route 53)Message Queueing / Emain / Push / TranscodingFront End / Back End / API
  5. 5. Built on AWSPinterestNetflixFlipboard
  6. 6. Use case: iPhone APPHostingEC2 for computingS3 for storageRDS for databaseSimpleDB for basic queriesCloudFront as CDNSimple Queue Services to distribute processing
  7. 7. ManagementIs this the “End of IT”?Finding the expertsSecurity, Reliability, etc.Modeling Accountability and ResponsibilityIs it really a Lego model?
  8. 8. The usual rules applyLittle stuff (e.g., stand up a server) is easyBig stuff is hard (e.g., clusters of distributedservers connected to databases with multiplepoints of fault tolerance)There are models that are almost what you wantParts are “mature”, but it’s always in flux