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Restaurant Email Marketing With Electronic In Store List Building


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Restaurant Email Marketing With Sterizon wiZit gadget: a portable, wireless (Wi-Fi), handheld device for collecting customer opt-in information and feedback while the customer is in-store at your place of business such as Restaurant, Spa, Salon, Retail Shops & Outlets, Golf, Automotive Service & Dealerships, Hotel, Motel, Bar & Clubs, Trade Shows, Conferences, etc.

A simple, push button solution for all your restaurant marketing and customer data collection needs.
• Quickly & organically build Restaurant Birthday Club, Restaurant E-Club, Restaurant Email List, Restaurant Mailing List, Restaurant Rewards Club, Restaurant Twitter Followers, and Restaurant Guest Surveys etc
• Grow customer loyalty with Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Twitter Marketing.
• Retain customers by increasing Guest Satisfaction and improving Customer Service.
• Significantly increase Sales & Revenues, and Brand Recognition.

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Restaurant Email Marketing With Electronic In Store List Building

  1. 1. Restaurant Email Marketing with Electronic In-store List Building Customer Email List is an essential ingredient for successful Restaurant Email Marketing. There is no better place on earth to look for customers to opt into your permission based email list than your own business location. Store-front businesses like Restaurants have traditionally relied on paper signup sheets or comment cards for in-store customer email opt-in collection. Paper based customer information capture has lot of drawbacks as mentioned in this blog. Similary, guest satisfaction surveys done using comment cards also suffer from the same drawbacks. So, how would you: Increase the customer opt-in response rates to your online marketing programs such as Email, Mobile and Social Media Marketing? Increase efficiency of your staff to collect more email addresses? Increase quality of the customer leads or data? Reduce or eliminate the burden on staff and management to run effective in- store push to capture guest information? Treat customer data with care, privacy and confidentiality? Boost your sales and revenues with direct marketing? Sterizon has the answer you've been looking for in Sterizon wiZit: a portable, wireless, handheld device for in-store customer email opt-ins, guest satisfaction surveys, twitter opt-ins and more. Offer the device to your guests for their input at the end of their dining experience along with the check, or at the cashier register during checkout, or setit up at a kiosk. Choose the model that fits your business. Let the customer key-in their information into the device directly. The collected information is instantly saved to your mailing list in your Email Marketing Provider account (such as Constant Contact, Vertical Response, iContact etc). BENEFITS: No more paper signup sheets or comment cards. Go paperless. Go green. No more collection, organizing, mailing of signup forms for data entry (or mailing). No more deciphering of hand written email addresses and scribblings. No more manual data entry Upfront validation of customer input to catch typos or invalid fields. No need to upload or download any data to use in Email Marketing. Integrates directly with your Email Provider account (such as Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp etc) Respects customers data privacy. Simple, Secure, Hassle-free, Efficient and Effective process.
  2. 2. No matter what you call your email or mobile or twitter marketing program: Email List or Customer List Email Club or eClub Birthday Club or Anniversary Club VIP/Member Club Email Newsletter Discount Club or Promotion Club Mobile Club or Tweet Club Coupon Club Customer Database Sterizon wiZit handheld device is your one-stop solution for electronic customer data collection for Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Guest Satisfaction Surveys, Twitter Marketing and more. Got Questions? Please see Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us. See pricing plans and place order by clicking the button below: