Handheld Survey Device - Sterizon wiZit


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Portable Handheld Survey Device with Sterizon wiZit.

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Handheld Survey Device - Sterizon wiZit

  1. 1. Handheld Survey Device - Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Feedback using Sterizon wiZit Are you using Paper Survey Forms? Go Electronic Surveys! Benefits  Do you use paper forms for Sterizon wiZit, a portable,  No more paper signup sheets or collecting feedback? wireless, handheld device for in- comment cards. Go paperless. Go  Do you do manual data entry? store customer email opt-ins, green.  Do you have trouble in reading guest satisfaction surveys, twitter  No more collection, organizing, hand written data? opt-ins and more. mailing of signup forms for data  Do you want your business go entry (or mailing). green with paperless survey forms?  No more deciphering of hand written feedbacks and scribbling.  No more manual data entry  Upfront validation of customer input to catch typos or invalid fields.  No need to upload or download any data to use in Marketing.  Respects customers data privacy.  Simple, Secure, Hassle-free, Efficient and Effective process.  Analyse surveys and feedbacks in real-time on the web More information on Sterizon wiZit, visit Sterizon wiZit Video: Surveys using Sterizon wiZit http://www.sterizon.com
  2. 2. Sterizon wiZit – How it works? 1 2 3 Offer device to your customers Customer inputs their feedback Responses saved for analysis Survey Results More information, visit Customer surveys and feedback http://www.sterizon.com
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  4. 4. Sterizon Information Sterizon Information  For More Information, visit Sterizon Website at www.sterizon.com More information on Sterizon wiZit, visit Sterizon wiZit http://www.sterizon.com