Grade 10 english syllabus 2010.2011


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Grade 10 english syllabus 2010.2011

  1. 1. The American International School in Cyprus PO Box 23847 - 11 Kassos Street - 1686 Nicosia, CYPRUS - Phone 357•22316345 - Fax 357•22316549Mr. Walid Abushakra, Superintendent Ms. Michelle Kleiss, Director Grade 10 English Syllabus and Course Information Troy White, Room 114 Brief course Academic Year 2010-20011 description: Grade 10 language arts for English helps students integrate their language skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking and presenting. The course is designed to foster an understanding of multicultural themes though the encouragement of critical thinking. Students will analyze themselves as learners in an effort to develop strong learning and study skills. Units and individual lessons incorporate the standards of the Virginia Department of Education. Assessment and Evaluation is performance based, centered upon authentic task that are both practical and relevant to the grade 10 English language student. Tenth grade language arts promotes interdisciplinary learning. Skills and knowledge acquired during the course are efficiently transferred to promote success among other subjects. Essential Questions How can I implement language to think and communicate more effectively? How can I become a strong independent reader? How can I use a variety of writing styles to express myself in a multitude of scenarios? What reading tools do successful readers use in order to comprehend a text? What are the necessary skills and attitudes that will allow for success in the superior grades and IB A1 English? Language Arts Standards Standards are based on the Virginia Department of Education tenth grade Language Arts Standards. Oral Language 10.1 The student will participate in and report on small-group learning activities. 10.2 The student will critique oral reports of small-group learning activities. Reading Analysis 10.3 The student will read, comprehend, and critique literary works. 10.4 The student will read and interpret informational materials. 10.5 The student will read and analyze a variety of poetry. Writing 10.6 The student will read and critique dramatic selections. 10.7 The student will read and critique dramatic selections. 10.8 The student will edit writing for correct grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, and paragraphing 10.9 The student will critique professional and peer writing. 10.10 The student will use writing to interpret, analyze, and evaluate ideas. Research 10.11 The student will collect, evaluate, organize, and present information. Overview of Texts Short Stories “Murders in the Rue Morgue”, Poe “Eyes of a Blue Dog”, Gabriel Garcia Marquez “One of the These Days”, Garcia Marquez “I’m Your Horse in the Night”, Luisa Valenzuela “The End of the Party”, Graham Greene “The Destructors” Graham Greene “A Telephone Call”, Dorothy Parker Fully Accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Member of the International Baccalaureate Organization – Geneva, Switzerland
  2. 2. “The Mark on the Wall”, Virginia Woolf “The Lady of the House of Love”, Angela Carter Non-Fiction Hunter S. Thompson Ryszard Kapuscinski Pico Iyer Drama “The Merchant of Venice” William Shakespeare Poetry- selected works from : Poe Langston Hughes Lorca Neruda Auden Browning Novel Studies Frankenstein, Shelley To Kill a Mockingbird, Lee Cry, the Beloved Country, Paton The Color Purple, Walker Grading Policy 10 % Homework 10% Independent Reading 10% Participation 40% Test/Project/MWA see PWL 15% Writing Process 15% Quizzes Grade Breakdown Writing - Personal Response - Critical Analytical Writing - Technical Writing - Research Report Oral Language - Presentations - Poetry Recital - Dramas Final Exam: There will be a comprehensive final exam each semester. Exams count for 20% of the student’s culminating semester grade. Terms for Assignments: All assignments are due on the due dates specified in class. When students have an EXCUSABLE absence they will have one school day to submit the late work without any penalty. Such make-ups will only be initiated at the request of the student. Late work: Work submitted after the specified due date will accepted at a reduction of one grade level per class session. Expectations: - Attend each class session
  3. 3. - Come prepared to class; bring your required materials - Demonstrate and embody the AISC learner profile  Respect the rights of others- Treat everyone fairly and with dignity  Always act in an honest manner  Demonstrate and foster a high level of international mindedness  Challenge yourself daily and employ critical thinking - Fully participate in class  Ask clarifying questions  Respect differences of opinion  Ensure that all voices are heard  Never be confrontational- respectfully challenge ideas  Encourage and support others who might be reluctant to participate- be a good leader  Refer back to text to support and clarify points  Understand that there is never an absolute answer, but a process through which you will see multiple perspectives. The complexity of possibilities that makes up life is the subject of literature. Department Plagiarism Policy: Plagiarism is knowing, or even unknowingly, using the words or ideas of others. The copying of another person’s work either in its entirety or in part (other students, internet, other published works, etcetera) will result in zero marks. No second chances! Supplies Please bring to class each day: o Lined paper with holes o 1 two ring binder o Your AISC agenda o Black or blue ball point pens, colored correcting pen, pencils, highlighters o Flash/pen drive o Computer microphone (this may be built into a laptop) Technology Component The AISC language arts program supports integrated technology. Students will be required to demonstrate a number of technological capacities; email correspondence, blog/wiki writing, forum discussion, digital voice recording, etc. Class Resources Grade 10 Schedule – Complete with daily and in-class assignments, homework, and corresponding due dates. Grade 10 Wiki – Contains the necessary vocabulary list, supplemental video and audio, the related poems, etc. Grade 10 Blog- Contains guidelines and examples for a number of the unit writing assignments. Our Scribd Account- You can find all the handouts from class and the RUBRICS. Our Step Into Our Classroom Twitter Account – we constantly give updates, notifications, and reminders regarding assignments and activities Engrade- Our online grade book.