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Connected Creatives: Crash Course on Creativity Assignment 1


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Connected Creatives: Crash Course on Creativity Assignment 1

  1. 1. And, I am I am Stephanie Andrei from from Vancouver, BC, Vancouver, Canada BC, Canada I am Pooja from Jamshedpur, Jhark hand India. Joan from Brooklyn, NY, USanida SfromChicago, IL,USWe are Connected Creatives
  2. 2. Have Donated to CharityPrefer Winter over Summer Prefer Mountain Hideaway over Beach House Own Shoes w/o LacesPrefer Vanilla Ice CreamWould Eat Ant as an Were Not Listening to Insect (if forced) the Music while Answering Questions Things WE Have in Common
  3. 3. Our Methodology 1. Collaborated to create a list of “get to know you” questions. 2. Transferred the list to a spreadsheet and routed the spreadsheet via email to each team member in turn. 3. The active team member highlighted each item for which all team members had the same answer, and removed a highlight if he/she had a different answer.