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Ferguson presentation!


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Ferguson presentation!

  1. 1. Photo by: Scott Olson/Getty Images
  2. 2. NAACP used a community church (physical capital) in Jennings to hold town meeting about unrest in Ferguson. Human Capital- Using knowledge of the community and inequality to justify actions in Ferguson.  acp-meets-with-members-of-ferguson-community/
  3. 3. Video by: Stephanie Baumer
  4. 4. Ferguson-Florissant schools offers sack lunches to students in need, while schools are postponed due to unrest in the area. Social Planning- School lunches are sometimes the only source of food for students during the day and with their planning they are helping combat hunger, during this time.  n-Florissant-offers-sack-lunches-to-students- in-need-271975891.html
  5. 5. Photo by: Joshua Lott/Getty Images
  6. 6. Protestors take to the street many nights after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown. Police use tear gas and physical force in order to break up the protestors. National Guards brought in to help restore peace and order in the community. This is the most confrontational approach. Little people asking for a change.  called-out-in-ferguson-missouri/
  7. 7. Picture References Buamer, S. (Producer). (2014). Ferguson-Florissant offers sack lunch to students in need. [online]. Available from: lunches-to-students-in-need-27197581.html. Lott, J. (Photographer). (2014). A woman has her face doused with milk after suffering the effects of tear gas used by police at a protest of the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO., on Sunday [online]. Available from: arrested-protestors-police-ferguson-clash-violence-article-1.1906387 Olson, S. (Photographer). (2014). Guest listen to speakers during a town hall meeting hosted by the St, Louis County NAACP at Murchinson Tabernacle Church to discuss the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown and the community unrest that followed his death on August 11, 2014 in St. Louis Missouri. (photograph). Retrieved from: http://www.stlouis
  8. 8. Article References Baumer, S. (2014). Ferguson-Florissant offers sack lunch to students in need. (article). Retrieved from: members-of-ferguson-community/ Keena, M. (2014). NAACP meets with members of Ferguson Community. (article). retrieved from: of-feguson-community/
  9. 9. Created by: Jessica Stonich Gabrielle Hopper Molly Hood Stephanie Stratmann