Social Media for Small Businesses


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Short primer on how small businesses can use social media and social profiles in their marketing mixes. Prepared by Stephanie Nelson, Social Media Maven/Owner at SBN Marketing, a boutique social media marketing consultancy in the Charlotte, NC area.

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Social Media for Small Businesses

  1. 1. Social Media for Small Businesses Small Businesses A Primer for Small Business ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  2. 2. Who is SBN Marketing?❖ Founded December 2011❖ Focus on Social Profile Management and Social Media Consulting❖ Strategies Based Around Hyper-Local Solutions ❖ SEO-Optimized Directory & Profile Listings ❖ Social Media Outlet Bios ❖ Social Media Posts/Updates ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  3. 3. Why Social Profiles Are Important❖ All are indexable points for the search engines.❖ Each profile feeds in to or out of other profile databases and search engines.❖ More and more people are abandoning traditional media (like phone book) for finding vendors every day. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  4. 4. Why Social Media Is Important❖ Posts/updates are indexable points for the search engines.❖ Keyword-rich posts will help you get found AND show off your industry expertise.❖ The more items you have indexed, the more likely you are to show up in search engine results. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  5. 5. How Can This Work for You?❖ Goal: Take up as much space on the SERPs as possible.❖ Tactics: ❖ Less Competitive Industries - Take up as many 1st page results as we can get - Push the competition out. ❖ More Competitive Industries - Use multiple profiles as a way to have a variety of indexable material - More entry to points to SERPs. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  6. 6. Strategies/Methods - Profiles❖ Claim Major Online Listings - Profiles & Directories. ❖ Google Places/Google+ Local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Merchant Circle, Insider Pages, Superpages, Manta, Yelp, etc❖ Fill out listings completely with keyword-rich content.❖ Make them appealing to the search engines. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  7. 7. Strategies/Methods - Overview❖ Analyze which social media outlets contain your business’ audience.❖ Compose keyword-rich posts that engage your audience AND read well to the search engines. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  8. 8. Strategies/Methods - Facebook❖ Best for B2C businesses.❖ Be sure to set up a company page, not a personal profile with your business information.❖ Posts and company information can be indexed.❖ Allows for another point of entry to SERPs. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  9. 9. Strategies/Methods - LinkedIn❖ Best for B2B businesses, but works for all.❖ Use a company LinkedIn page, as well as optimized personal profiles.❖ Personal profiles of employees can be indexed for company name and specialties, as well.❖ Allows for two more points of entry to SERPs. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  10. 10. Strategies/Methods - YouTube❖ Take advantage of a YouTube channel - it’s the 2nd largest search engine, only behind Google.❖ Another entry point into SERPs.❖ Google putting emphasis on their own properties & video.❖ Ideas: facility tours, staff member bios, how tos, etc. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  11. 11. Strategies/Methods - Pinterest❖ Best for highly visual businesses.❖ Another entry point into SERPs.❖ Be sure to use keyword-rich comments.❖ Also make use of hashtags in comments.❖ Don’t just promote your own products. Use the opportunity to set yourself up as an expert in your area by sharing related info. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  12. 12. Important Pieces of the Puzzle❖ Make sure information is the same across channels. ❖ Address, Phone Number, Web Address, Offers, etc.❖ Make sure all marketing pieces send the same message. ❖ Print, online, e-mail, direct mail - EVERYTHING ❖ Mixed messages just confuse the end customer. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  13. 13. Difficulties of Doing It Yourself❖ Thinking search results will happen overnight.❖ Search engine algorithms - hard to stay on top of all changes going on.❖ New directories and outlets - which are worth your time?❖ Time management and doing what you do best. ~ ~ 704.218.9043
  14. 14. So...❖ Questions? ❖ Comments? ~ ~ 704.218.9043