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  • My passions have changed over time and these are those that have remained. I have a passion for embracing life, exploring and trying new and different things.
  • These passions intertwine, I’m lucky enough that I rarely get to experience one passion at a time, usually a few of them happen at once for example...Travelling, Concerts, PhotographyEvery time I travel to go to a concert, work or leisure I must take my camera, take lots of pictures of the artists, historical sites or things of cultural relevance and upload my photos to my Flickr account and my website.
  • I have a plan to visit the top 20 world heritage sites, I’ve crossed off the first two; Stonehenge (No 1) which was a pretty pile of rocks and Alhambra Palace, Grenada (No 4) which was a magnificent construction, a real work of art, including the gardens. Next I have plans to visit Machu Picchu in Peru and Easter Island in the Pacific ocean.
  • A new passion is mountain biking on my speacialisedMyka which has full suspension, RockShox air springs and Elixir hydraulic disc breaks.Full suspension – ride over things easily, can be locked like hardtail, air springs – compression, hydraulic – lots of brake for pull- sensitiveEnjoy tracking the trail using my GPS app Open GPS Tracker on my android HTC, the distance and my speed, try to further it in future rides.
  • Learned about the code-breakers, Alan Turing, Bill Tutte and Tommy Flowers.Bill Tutte manually broke the Enigma code, aka Lorenze when a message was accidently sent twice by the Nazis.Alan Turing built and designed the bombe, the machine which calculated the Enigma code settings which were then fed into colossus, built by Tommy Flowers. The colossus is the worlds first programmable digital computer which decoded the Enigma code and shortened WW2 by 2 years.
  • Enjoy networking at BCS/Technology events, took part in last years Ada Lovelace Day, the first programmer that translated and expanded on use cases for the Analytical Engine, Charles Babbage’s second machine. The first being the Difference Engine. I plan to go to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in 2013.
  • My Passion

    1. 1. My Passion... (Who I Am & My Way of Life) By Stephanie Nicolaou
    2. 2. Web of Passion Culture/ Photography Nature Historical Sites Music / Concerts Mountain biking Travelling Positive Professional OutcomesNetworking Progression Learning Innovation Languages Psychology
    3. 3. Travelling, Concerts, Photography• Travelled to Ireland to see Paramore• Foo Fighters & 30 Seconds to Mars in Italy• Took loads of Photos to Flickr• World Heritage Sites My Flickr Photostream My Website Photography
    4. 4. World Heritage SitesStonehenge, England & Alhambra Palace, Grenada Plan to visit the Top 20!
    5. 5. Mountain Biking Open GPS Tracker for AndroidMyka FSR Ladies Specialised
    6. 6. Technology & Innovation Being a Wren...• Visited the Bletchley Park Site
    7. 7. Networking
    8. 8. Any Questions?