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8 Fun Facts About Greyhounds


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Here are 8 fun facts that you may not have known about greyhounds.

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8 Fun Facts About Greyhounds

  1. 1. 8 Fun Facts About GreyhoundsBy Stephanie Naylor
  2. 2. Greyhounds make fantastic life companions.Many people assume because of their racing pasts thatthey‟re energetic and high maintenance dogs but thiscouldn‟t be further from the truth. Greyhounds will lovenothing more than to spend their days by their owner‟sside, getting a little exercise and then happily snoozingaway.Greyhounds are one of the gentlest natured and calmbreeds around and make the perfect companions forsmall families and older couples. Here are the top 8facts that you may not have known about greyhounds.
  3. 3. 1. Greyhounds are sensitive soulsThey have sensitive tummies too! Greyhounds havevery specific dietary requirements due to theirextremely sensitive digestive systems. During theirracing careers they would have been fed on a diet thatwould have been specially formulated to suit theirdigestive system and this means that they will havebuilt up intolerances to foods containing additives, sofeeding the smallest amount of the wrong food canhave a severe effect on their health. This will not onlyhave an impact on your dog but could also have animpact on your family life too. After all, our dogs areour best friends and there would be nothing worsethan watching them struggle. This is why there isspecially formulated greyhound food available on themarket that is ideal for those sensitive tummies.
  4. 4. 2. Greyhounds are the only dogs that are mentionedin the Bible“A greyhound; a he goat also; and a king, againstwhom there is no rising up.” - Proverbs 30:29-31
  5. 5. 3.Greyhounds are “45mph couch potatoes”Greyhounds are actually the fastest breed ofdog in existence. Some say that a greyhoundcan actually reach up to 40-45 miles duringtheir short stints of exercise but then they willhappily spend the rest of the day snoozingaway. The reality is that your rescuegreyhound will probably enjoy racing you tothe sofa rather than pestering you forexercise. He‟ll probably fall to sleep quickerthan any other breed of dog too!
  6. 6. 4.Greyhounds can’t sitWell...this is not entirely true. It‟s notphysically impossible but due their skeletaldesigns it can be very uncomfortable foryour greyhound to sit. When/if they doyou‟ll probably find that they may not sit fora longer period of 1 or 2 minutes. Manypeople choose not to teach theirgreyhound to sit knowing that it could bepotentially uncomfortable for them.
  7. 7. Greyhounds are dogs of AristocracyRoyalty such as Queen Victoria and King HenryVIII were proud owners of greyhounds. Have youever heard the saying “You could tell a gentlemanby his horses and his greyhounds"? During times offamine in the middle ages Greyhounds nearlybecame extinct. That was until the kind clergymenbred them. They soon became symbols of nobilityand shortly after that they became dogs ofaristocracy. In 1014 King Canute enforced the„Forest Laws‟, one of the laws being that if anycommoner that was caught owning a grey houndwould be severely punished. The law progressedand the punishment for causing death to agreyhound was the equivalent to murder.
  8. 8. Greyhounds are perfect pets for peoplewith allergiesGreyhounds have an extremely thin andodourless coat which means that theyhardly moult; this means that they makethe perfect dog for people who areaffected by allergies. Because they havesuch a thin coat it may be a good idea toprovide them with an extra layer whilst outwalking during winter.
  9. 9. Greyhounds come in other coloursthan grey!The name grey hound originated from theOld English word “gighund”. „Hund‟ wasthe old word for hound and the word „gig‟is unknown. The origin of the word„greyhound‟ is completely unrelated to thecolours as greyhounds are seen in varietyof colours and shades.
  10. 10. Greyhounds are such friendly and gentledogs who love to be the centre ofattention. They make the perfectcompanion and all they will ever require islove from their owners and the right diet.These little characters will be sure to tellyou when they‟ve had enough exerciseand won‟t have any problems resting theireyes at any given opportunity.
  11. 11. If you‟d like to find out a little more aboutgreyhounds the please visit the BurgessPet Care website -