Ielts speaking topics popular ielts review and training


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popular topics in the task 1, 2, 3 of IELTS speaking exam

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Ielts speaking topics popular ielts review and training

  1. 1. Popular Topics That Are Asked During the IELTS Speaking Test When it comes to speaking English, Filipinos are considered good at it. The fluency of Filipinos in spoken English is world-renowned making them good candidates for employment overseas. However, people still need to prove their fluency by taking an English proficiency examination like the International English Language Testing System Test or commonly known as the IELTS examination. More and more Filipinos are enticed to take the examination as it is a prerequisite to their applications. There have been lots of testimonials that the IELTS speaking examination is very challenging compared to the other examinations. Hence, an IELTS speaking training is the best way to eliminate these stress and tension brought by the speaking test. To prepare the candidates for the IELTS speaking examination, it is best to know that topics are commonly asked during the IELTS speaking test. • TASK 1 (Interview) The first task is a short interview with the native speaker. This serves as a warming up exercise to the candidate as the examiner asks some easy questions to know more about the candidate. The usual topics are the following together with their sample questions. Hometown  Where did you grow up?  How was it living in this town?  When was the last time you visited your hometown and has it changed over time? Hobbies  What kind of activities do you enjoy doing?  Do you like doing these activities with friends or alone?  What sport would you like to learn? Food  Do you like cooking?  What is your favorite food?  What food do you think best symbolizes your culture?
  2. 2. • TASK 2 (Cue card) In this task, the examinee is given a card with guide questions. He or she is expected to come up with a response in a couple of minutes and start discussing about it after. Here are some topics found on this task. People Describe someone who had the greatest influence in your life. - Who is this person? - How long have you known this person? - What has this person done? Places Describe a park you have visited. - Where is this park located? - How often have you visited this park? - What kind of activities can be done there? Event Describe a happy childhood moment. - What happened? - Who were there? - What did you feel that time? • TASK 3 (Discussion) The last task is an interactive conversation between the examiner and the examinee. Questions on this task are related to the topics on the second task. Examinees are expected to be more conversant in this section. Here are sample questions on this task.  What kind of people can be of great influence to students nowadays?  What kinds of activities do you think will be popular ten years from now?  What do you think are the factors that make a child happy?
  3. 3. The topics mentioned above are the usual topics in the IELTS. These will help candidates anticipate the kinds of questions asked and develop better strategies in answering them. Preparation is indeed the key in the IELTS speaking examination. The following sources will help you more with your IELTS speaking exam. Try visiting them below: Top Tips for the IELTS Speaking Exam How to Improve Your IELTS Speaking Skills Sample IELTS Speaking Topics and Questions Common IELTS Speaking Questions Useful Blogs: