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Star chart results


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Star chart results

  1. 1. Tapping Into Technology:STaR Chart Investigation By: Stephanie Martin Language Arts Campus Representative
  2. 2. Agenda• What is the Texas Campus STaR Chart?• STaR Chart: Key Areas• STaR Chart: Levels of Progress• Results of STaR Chart for Barbers Hill Primary• Summary of Results• What’s Next?
  3. 3. What is the Texas Campus STaR Chart?The Texas Campus StaR Chart is designed for:• Technology planning• Budgeting for resources in the Area of Technology• Evaluation of Progress on Implementation of Technology• Produces campus’ profile and status toward attaining goals of Long Range Plan for Technology (LRPT) & No Child Left Behind
  4. 4. STaR Chart: Key Areas• Teaching and Learning• Educator Preparation and Development• Leadership, Administration, and Instructional Support• Infrastructure for Technology
  5. 5. STaR Chart: Levels of Progress• Early Tech• Developing Tech Distance Learning• Advanced Tech• Target Tech
  6. 6. STaR Chart Results1614 2007-200812 2008-200910 2009-20108 Scoring Ranges 6-8 Early Tech 9-14 Developing Tech6 15-20 Advanced Tech 21-24 Target Tech420 Teaching & LearningPreparation & Administration, & InfrastructureSupport Educator Leadership, Development Instructional for Technology
  7. 7. Summary of Results• Our campus area of strength is Infrastructure for Technology• Our campus area of concern is Teaching and Learning• For more information about our campus’ results visit:•
  8. 8. What’s Next?• Hands-on Technology Training• More Learner-Centered Technology Applications• Technology Coach to Facilitate Implementation of Technology• More Technology in the Hands of Teachers• More Technology in the Hands of Students