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draft a2


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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draft a2

  1. 1. Settle Music Video Evaluation. Stephanie Harding.
  2. 2. In what way does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. Codes and conventions for music videos are easily subverted and adapted in order to match the genre of music. Itherefore found it, after research into my chosen genre, easy to develop ideas for my music video and develop thecodes and conventions of the indie genre. Another thing I found whilst developing my research and watchingdifferent music videos was that many bands developed their own style of music video through often keeping thesame director in order for the style of their music to be constantly presented within their music videos. In additionto this, many directors often subvert codes and conventions in order to represent the band through the musicvideo. All music videos which use the same director.This understand of subverting the codes and conventions of music videos through the representation of the bandand their music allowed me to adapt ideas I had seen through their other music videos and artwork in order tomaintain the bands sense of identity in order to subvert the typical indie genre of music videos and play withideas which I had previously had before settling on a genre of music.
  4. 4. My first idea was to keep the music video conceptual, I decided upon this idea as I decided that I wanted tosubvert the typical indie genre of performance based videos. I therefore went about finding a concept to focusupon. I looked into previous work the band I had chosen (COURAGEHAVECOURAGE) had done and noticeda considerable amount of stuffed animals featured within their work. Although I didnt want to copy this idea, Iwanted to take these quirky elements which featured within the bands work and adapt it for my own video;this is ultimately what lead me to the masks.
  5. 5. Subverting codes and conventions began to lead me to far awayfrom the indie rock genre and I decided that I should also includea performance based element throughout. This idea was mainlyinfluenced through watched both proper music videos in additionto previous work done by A2 students. Whilst watching both typesof work I developed my ideas further and decided that the bandwould be needed throughout the video. The band idea proved tohard though in terms of setting, I wanted to keep the filming outsideto work with the conceptual elements and pair the two together,however, the band was too hard to move everything out side and I therefore decided after further research that itwas vital to include a performance based element but this could still be achieved by the use of only the singer asrepresenting the band. I therefore was able to develop the codes and conventions of a typical indie music videoin addition to subverting parts in order to represent the band.Once I had settled on this idea one music video in particular came to mind as something which I felt Id enjoy toadapt and take ideas from in order to develop the genre was The Scientist by Coldplay. When looking backthrough my work there are many points which are influenced through moments in the Coldplay video. The videohelped me gain confidence to attempt things I previously was too scared to try.One thing which I decided to attempt during my music video in order to both develop the genre as it had alreadybeen done but additionally attempt to subvert it through adding originality was rewinding both singular andsequences of shots in order to cannote the message of the song as nothing makes sense
  6. 6. Further shots influenced by the Coldplay video helping me develope the genre. The reversing footsteps I did not copy the entire music video and my music video is featured in real time. However, I decided that including the reversal of sequences and shots would allow me to both subvert and develop the indie/ indie rock genre of music. I further believe that I added a postmodern element to my music video due to the change of time, allowing the audience to become detached from the music video rather than submerged in it in order to consider the effects and shots in relation to the lyrics of the song. The wood shots with the lead singer. I was further influenced by the wood sequence during the Coldplay video and watching this helped me discover a range of different shots which could work through my music video and I tried to adapt these as best I could in order to develop the genre of my music video. Although I drew influence for clothing for several different bands of the genre, Coldplay too had a similar dress code that I was going for to represent the genre of music and I believe that similarities can be drawn between the two in order to develop the genre.
  7. 7. How effective is the combination ofyour main product and your ancillary texts.
  8. 8. After research into artwork I now understand the importance of the ancillary task. Although the music video is ableto portray the band behind the song, the CD and artwork is similarly an equally important part in terms ofpresenting the personality of the band.I looked into many different bands in order to see how they were able to portray what the album or the bandrepresented in order to be recognised by their fans. One thing I found many bands of the indie rock genre had itcommon was album covers which cannote a message behind the album in particular, rather than the bandsthemselves taking. This was what helped me develop my ancillary texts and what helps the combination of mymusic video and ancillary texts work well together, as I dont have to represent a band which I was similarly unableto do through my music video. In addition to this I believe that the combination of music video and ancillary textswere effective as the images used in the indie rock genre allow for interpretation, something I had attemptedthroughout my main media product. The tiger is symbolic of strength and physically power, therefore denoting the title of the album This Is War Jimmy Eat World is able to use the colourful peacock feather in order to cannot the light featured within the album name.
  9. 9. Although I had learnt what was typical of the indie rock genre I looked further within my research in order to maintain the personality of the band through both the video and the artwork in order to make them both effective and looked into previous artwork of the band and this is what I found and arguably heavily influenced my front cover of my artwork the most.Picture of theocean - typical of The bold lettering isthe indie rock also somethinggenre as it leaves which I foundmeaning up for representative of theinterpretation. indie rock genre.The pale colours arenot typical of what Ifound from the indie The shape at therock genre - which foreground of the imagewas bold and either is what I believe to holdvery dark or very the most personality andbright but I beleive most representative ofthis once again the band in terms of theirpresents the band artwork as it subverts thethemselves rather typical indie rock coverthan a genre. Which and this is something Ican be easily decided to carry forwardchanged and mixed onto my own ancillarytogether to creat texts.hybrids.
  10. 10. In addition to the guitar linking the music video to the artwork I decidedto include it in order to represent the rock side of the genre. I decided also to carry forward the lettering of the band just as a signed band would. My use of image behind was due to the music video as I decided that this would make the two more effective. I decided to similarly use a shape inSimilarly to the guitar the masks appear in block colour in order to carry forwardorder to represent the music video and by doing the band themselves and what theirso I believe make the two effective. previous artwork presented.
  11. 11. In order to create synergy between my two ancillary texts I researched into posters and found that typical of the indie rock genre is for bands to use the front cover of their album in order to give the band their identity in addition to making the album easily recognisable for the audience.As the poster found be featured instreets, shops and magazines Idecided that it was important toadapt my idea and to perhaps addmore of an effect to the poster inorder to make it stand out and stillbe recognisable to create synergybetween the two.
  12. 12. What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
  13. 13. From my audience feedback I was able to learn what people did and didnt like about my music video and thisincluded the technical side to the video too. What I found from the majority of my feedback was many responsesreflected my own personal views when looking back over the music video. An example of some responsesAlthough answers I received varied I do overall believe that the general issues to focus upon was the meaningpresented throughout my music video in addition to things such as the lip syncing. I agree that the lip syncing wasnot perfect when watching my music video back after completion and there are bits that I do would like to havechanged. As for the miscommunication of the meaning of both the song and video, both are up for interpretation,however, my personal understand of the song lead me to take the approach which I did with my music videothrough the presentation of metaphors with the cups of tea symbolising the relaxed nature of the song, the ideathat we need to stop worrying because nothing will ever make sense but thats the way that it is.Most of my feedback towards my effects was highly positive, this is an aspect which surprised but pleased me as Ithought that not everyone would like it, however, it was used in order to portray the same message as the shots.
  14. 14. The feedback from my ancillary texts was mainly positive with only the slight corrects suggested such as the useof more instruments within the images. Overall I too was highly happy with my ancillary texts and am pleased thatthey have received such good comments. I have learnt that people would have expected different things for thegenre, however, I believe that although not entirely fitting into the genre I was able to capture the video within theartwork therefore creating the identity of the band.I have learnt things I could change and given the opportunity I would take on some of the comments on bored andtry and incorporate and change some things which have been suggested too me.