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  1. 1. Industrial engineering world April, 2013 ENVIRON GREEN MENT INDUSTRIESFRIENDLYINDUSTRY Page 4 Page 5 Page 3
  2. 2. My name is Stephanie vargas, mymagazine is about the green movement. you’ll find interesting things about green industries and how important are they for the world. I hope you enjoy it. 2
  3. 3. Environment friendly industry.Green Industry is producing environment friendly products or products which shouldhelp improve nature conditions to better. And also duringworking process cause minimal damage to environment.Green industry ought recycling waste of working processand recycling waste energy.Green industryought to reach wasteless working process. The green industry is focused on eliminating or significantly reducing dependence on oil, green house emissions, and toxins. 3
  4. 4. GREEN INDUSTRIES.As traditional industries struggle with the public’sincreasing environmental consciousness, there is a numberof new green industries that are receiving more attention. Ihave highlighted a number of new green industries that wewill all hear more of in the coming years. Green ManufacturingWhen we talk about green manufacturing, we are looking atan industry that uses traditionalmanufacturing methods andfactories to create items forgreen industries. Many traditionalengineering companies havefound new markets in thesolar, wind and environmentalindustries. By manufacturingparts for wind turbines, solar panels and geothermalequipment, traditional manufacturing companies can becomemore profitable switching over to green manufacturing.Studies have suggested that the manufacturing sectorcould create about 1 million jobs directly and another 2.5million indirect jobs in related industries. Green RetailingGreen retailing is retrofitting an existing retail businessto meet the demands of customers who wantenvironmentally friendly products and services. Thisindustry is quickly growing as more green products areavailable and the increased demand by the public. Studyafter study has shown that the public will buy greenproducts even in the current depressed market. Smart Grid TechnologyThe smart grid industry is a national effort to modernizethe electric transmission grid with upgraded, automated,interactive technology. This is hoped to save energy,reduce cost and increase reliability of the transmissiongrid. The updating of the grid will also help with the 4additions of the new energy sources which will require
  5. 5. Secure Document Destruction ServicesPaper document security is just as important as electronic: researchshows that most identity thieves obtain information throughtraditional paper-based sources rather than electronic channels. “We can talk about the number of adults withdevelopmental disabilities that we employ, we can talk about being environmentally friendly„ but the most important service we offer —and what our customers are looking for— security.” is Rev. Faith Fowler, Executive Director
Cass Community Social Services Every day at Cass Community Social Services,Green Industries employees areresponsible for destroying sensitive documents for security- consciouscustomers. Since 2007, the workers haveserviced documents for doctors, lawyers, accountants and other professionals, all while providing vital 5 jobs for
  6. 6. UNEP Green Economy Initiative In 2008, the United Nations EnvironmentProgramme (UNEP) launched the Green EconomyInitiative. The Green Economy Report, published in 2010, demonstrates how greening theeconomy can be a new engine for growth, a netgenerator of decent jobs and a vital strategy for the elimination of persistent poverty. In2012, the Business Case for the Green Economyreport builds on UNEPs experience in resourceefficiency activities with the private sector andalong the value chain, such as development of sustainable consumption and production tools, market-based instruments and voluntary approaches, multi-stakeholder partnerships, technical support and capacity building activities. The UNEP Green Economy reports, as well as activities in the Resource Efficiency area will help underpin the operations of the Green Industry Platform . 6
  7. 7. 2 Eco-Friendly Jobs to Consider in Your After hearing about the Search Job amazing data gathered about how the green industry is prospering and creating jobs, many unemployed workers are seeking work in this blossoming fairly young economy. There are such a great amount of work opportunities for people searching for them that it is hard to process and sift through them all to find the perfect fit for you. So, in this article, lets show you some possibilities that can satisfy anyones picky tastes and needs. Engineer The engineering profession is needed in all sectors of the green industry. There is not even a single kind of engineer that is more popular than the other; that is how popular and in demand those who possess the education and qualifications to fulfill the needs of hundreds of clients and employers. Although engineers are tend to stir thoughts of buildings, roads, and basic infrastructure, electrical and software engineers are also needed to program systems and grids. The wages of an engineer in the clean economy are fairly high and not to mention popular and widespread! Agriculture Throughout local grocery stores and farmers markets, you will find stamps and labels on more and more items indicating that the produce is one hundred percent organic. In recent research, environmentalists have found that methods used in mass production (pesticides and other chemicals) are extremely harmful to the environmental surrounds. Also, the products degrade the health state of animals and humans. So, help contribute to 7 the growing field of organic farming or become a scientist to help farmers become more energy
  9. 9. GREEN 1 2CROSSWORDCHALLENGEbyLaura Bruzas 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 EclipseCrossword.comAcross Down1.A main ingredient used to makehomemade, non-toxic 1.According to The Green Guide, studies have showncleaners. that this is not any better than tap water yet it costs up5. The act of renting goods like cars for occasional use, rather to 1,000 times more.than buying. 2. Almost forty years ago, this womans book Diet for a7.Described in O, The Oprah Magazine as “… the de facto Small Planet was described by Associated PressMartha Stewart of the voluntary simplicity movement.” National Food Editor J.M. Hirsch as “the blueprint for8.This is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and natural eating with a small carbon footprint since long beforematerial that can be used again and again. Recycling this from the term was coined.”wine bottles has been practiced for years in Australia and 3.“Living in a way that is outwardly more simple andEurope. inwardly more rich,” as Duane Elgin put it in his 19939.Stephanie Soechtig’s timely documentary that examines the book.role of the bottled water industry and its effects on our health, 4. Reducing margins, printing on both sides, andclimate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil. thinking twice before printing a document are all11.This grassroots network is an entirely nonprofit movement of examples of ways to reduce use of _____.people started in May 2003. The network helps keep over 500 6.In the late 1980s, a research study by thistons of garbage a day out of landfills, builds community, and organization and the Associated Landscapepromotes environmental sustainability and reuse by providing Contractors of America concluded that someindividuals and non-profits an electronic forum to houseplants can work double duty: Help make indoor“recycle unwanted items.” spaces more beautiful, and purify air contaminated by12.Individuals who elect to use this mode of transportation common chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene,instead of a car to go four miles would keep about 15 pounds of and trichloroethylene.pollutants out of the air we breathe per trip, according to the 10.The national organization that collects and recyclesWorldwatch Institute. eyeglasses for the millions of people in developing13.In this documentary, Colin Beavan leaves behind his liberal countries in need.complacency for a vow to make as little environmental impact 15.Cell phones contain numerous _____ which haveas possible for one year. the potential to be released into the air and groundwater14.A paperless electronic correspondence that allows when burned in incinerators or disposed of in landfills.organizations to send announcements, program information and 18.Acronym for single use items which contribute tomuch more to interested parties on a regular basis. landfill problems.16.2010 marks the _____ anniversary of Earth Day.17.Ordinary people who submit stories and articles to their localnewspapersand blogs.19. Polystyrene products, aka _____, are made with petroleum,a non-sustainable and heavily polluting resource; remain in ourlandfills for up to 500 years without disintegrating: and are notaccepted by most recycling plants, thus only one percent ofthem are recycled. 9