Mef Webinar on PhonepayPlus Registration Scheme


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Mef Webinar on PhonepayPlus Registration Scheme

  1. 1. MEF Webinar – 6 May 2010 PhonepayPlus (PpP) Registration Scheme Simon Bates Director of Standards and Communications (PpP) Suhail Bhat Policy and Initiatives Director (MEF)
  2. 2. Thank you for your interest in the PhonepayPlus Registration Scheme Consultation To view the full audio-visual webinar please visit:
  3. 3. The Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF) is the global trade body of the mobile media and entertainment industry. It represents the leading companies throughout the entire mobile entertainment value chain, and works on behalf of its diverse membership to facilitate industry growth, shape regulation and deliver competitive advantage to its members. With global headquarters in London and operational chapters in Asia, EMEA, LATAM and North America, MEF is a member network with a global reach, strong local representation and the ability to affect market change. Established in 2000, MEF provides a consistent and powerful voice for the foremost mobile media businesses and entrepreneurs.
  4. 4. MEF Initiatives  Our work falls into four distinct categories:  Monetisation of mobile content or protection of revenues  Best practice/regulatory work  Education  Metrics and Intelligence  Business modelling and analysis around key issues such as Enabling Services are taken forward through MEF initiatives and live Leadership Summit meetings  Driven by industry and member demand to analyse the market, map future opportunities and drive the business forward  Current initiatives include: - Smart Enablers – Accelerating the Next Generation of Mobile Media Business Models - M-Commerce - Driving customer acquisition, retention and conversion - Business Confidence Index – Providing Insight & Revealing Industry Trends - Ad-Funded Mobile Entertainment (AFME) – Exploring the Potential of New Business Models - Content Sales Reporting – Advancing Best Practice, Metrics & Revenue Assurance - Regulatory Information Service Centre (RISC) – Online regulatory archive for 26 countries (so far)
  5. 5. Current Regulatory Issues  MEF South East Asia Regulatory Tour (India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia)  ASEAN Initiative (EU Equivalent)  MEF SE Asia Regulatory Committee  MEF EMEA Regulatory Committee: Focus on …  Audio Visual Media Services Directive (AVMS)  MEF produced plain speaking Guide with Denton Wilde Sapte  Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (UCPD)  MEF produced plain speaking Guide with Denton Wilde Sapte  Safer Internet project with Infosoc DG (1st June)  UK Ofcom Scope Review – Complete review of the UK premium rate sector PhonepayPlus – Consultation on New Code of Practice + Registration Scheme Advertising Standards Authority – New Codes of Practice Issued
  6. 6. PRS Registration scheme MEF Update 6 May 2010 Simon Bates Director of Standards & Communications
  7. 7. PhonepayPlus project team Simon Bates, Project Sponsor Alex Littlemore, Project Manager (policy) Adam Ferguson , Project Manager (build)
  8. 8. Agenda • Background • Why, who, what, how? • How much? • Implementation • Timeline 7
  9. 9. Facilitate industry due diligence Provide consumers with customer service information PRS REGISTRATION 8
  10. 10. A brief recap New Code discussion document Ofcom Scope Review (July 2009) (Oct 2009) • Facilitate due diligence, • IPs directly responsible for shining a light on rogues their services • Recognise importance of • new rules for SPs around Number Checker due diligence built and run Registration scheme by PhonepayPlus Broad industry support
  11. 11. Why are we doing this? Who should register? What information is required? How is it entered? REGISTRATION IN PRACTICE 10
  12. 12. Why? • A database of all PRS providers to: – Facilitate due diligence; – Allow PhonepayPlus to enforce the new Code; – Identify rogues; and – Provide an effective premium rate number checking facility 11
  13. 13. Who? • All CPRS providers – Network operators (Terminating Communications Providers) – Level 1 providers (e.g. aggregators, service providers, resellers) – Level 2 providers (e.g. content providers, promoters) • With some exceptions…? – E.g. 0871 – What are the right criteria against which to exempt? 12
  14. 14. What? Business to include Service to include • Directors • Service name • Contact information • Customer care number • Trading names • Service description • Parent companies Mandatory v voluntary…? Registrant responsible for accuracy, not PhonepayPlus…! 13
  15. 15. How? • A link from our website • Intuitive, quick and easy • Bulk registrations? – On the part of another provider And how much? £100 pa to cover build and admin costs 14
  16. 16. Outputs Business Consumers • Registration ID to allow service • Customer service contact provision details • Information sufficient for basic • Service description due diligence • Links to adjudications, sanctions, permissions
  18. 18. Options Unconstrained: do anything you like 1. Bespoke system No constraints except cost, 1. legacy, Bespoke Locked in to supplier; high system upgrade cost 2. Modified package Few constraints; some “free” 2. functionality Modified Locked in to supplier; high package upgrade cost; 3. Upgradeability without Configured 3. Configured package Hard/ upgrade path Package Upgradeable “Free” functionality; some costly to With upgrade With “free” new constraints, cheap to upgrade upgrade path functionality Must be prepared to compromise 4. Un-modifiable 4. Un-modifiable package package Inexpensive Must adapt to the package Constrained: fit to the package 17
  19. 19. Package vs bespoke Unconstrained: do anything you like 3. Upgradeability 3. Configured package Configured “Free” functionality; some Hard/ Package Upgradeable constraints, cheap to costly to With upgrade With “free” new upgrade upgrade path functionality Must be prepared to compromise Constrained: fit to the package 18
  20. 20. Code 12 and Registration database are indivisible 19
  21. 21. We need your help • Registration Scheme update (25 May) – Should we proceed with implementation, given the (tiny) risk that the Code may not be approved…? • Code consultation (8 July) – Mandatory registration for all providers? – Exemption criteria? – Registration fee? – Mandatory information? – Links to breaches and open investigations? 20
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Thank You Contact us Simon Bates – Director of Standards and Communications, PpP Suhail Bhat – Policy & Initiatives Director, MEF Miranda Roberts – Policy & Initiatives Manager, MEF
  24. 24. Next Event MEF Workshop on the PpP Code Consultation - 19 May, London In association with Denton Wilde Sapte Presenting the Code Consultation from PpP: Bradley Brady – Director of Strategy & Stakeholder Relations Mark Collins – Policy Advisor Simon Bates – Director of Standards and Communications Space at this event is limited. Priority will go to MEF Members. Please contact Miranda at the MEF if you are interested in attending
  25. 25. Thank you for your interest in the PhonepayPlus Registration Scheme Consultation To view the full audio-visual webinar please visit: To learn more about the PpP Registration Scheme and Code Consultations and how your company can become involved, please visit: