Sociology Project #1


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  • i thought this slide was very good and that it tied in with the class. The questions weren't just basic questions i liked this slide a lot. Good job!
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Sociology Project #1

  1. 1. Sociology BY: Rebecca Stephenson 2-18-08
  2. 2. Television 1) How does television influence the way children behave in society? 2) Why do American’s spend many hours watching television in a week’s time? Does the amount of television watched have an affect on how energetic one is?
  3. 3. Teenage Girls 1) Why do teenage girls feel the need to show so much skin out in a public place? 2) Does the group of friends teenage girls have influence the way they should dress ? Or are they influenced from television shows or Hollywood?
  4. 4. Large Families 1) Why does people of the Catholic religion have more children than those of other religions? 2) What influences the amount of children a woman has in American society? (i.e. institutions, religions, etc…).
  5. 5. Obesity 1) Why do more children in the United States have a problem with obesity than in other parts of the world? 2) If being obese is hazardous to the body for Children and other people in America; Why do American’s have the tendency to eat out more than one time a week?
  6. 6. Shopping and Women 1) Does shopping allow a woman to cope and escape the stresses of the outside world? 2) How much time does a woman spend inside a shopping store on a weekly basis? Is shopping only popular for women in American society or in other parts of the world?
  7. 7. Celebrities 1) Why are American’s interested in the famous life of Hollywood? Why do American’s spend their time reading about other people’s lives? 2) Does Hollywood have an influence on teenagers and how they should be pursued? (i.e. a person’s weight, how they should look.)
  8. 8. Cell Phones 1) Why are cell phones a major part of American’s social life? They depend on cell phones to stay connected where ever they go. 2) Do cell phones have an effect on a person’s social status? If one doesn’t own a cell phone are they considered disconnected to other people?
  9. 9. Books... 1) Does the use of the internet as a source of information, decreased American’s interest in reading a book? 2) Do American’s read more books than other nations of the world?
  10. 10. Pets 1) Why in American society do we keep a dog as a pet and other parts of the world eat dogs? 2) How does a pet dog keep “older” people from becoming lonely?
  11. 11. Money 1) Why is money so essential to the American people? 2) Why do American’s believe you need a lot of money to be happy in life, when the people who do have money are still unhappy? Is it because having money is security?
  12. 12. THE END!!