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Patterns for Open Source Success


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There are a set of patterns that successful open source software projects follow. These activities can be organized as software construction, community development, and IP management activities. This talk explores their connections to build on ramps for community success . Video:

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Patterns for Open Source Success

  1. 1. Pa#erns  for  Open  Source  Success  Stephen  R.  Walli  The  Outercurve  Founda7on  May  9,  2013  
  2. 2. Orders  of  magnitude  
  3. 3. ROTOR  500K  LoC  500K  Lines-­‐of-­‐Test  Harness  Ran  on  Windows,  Mac  OS  X,  FreeBSD  One  script  to  set  environment  One  command  to  build  everything  One  command  to  test  it  all  Minimal  documenta7on    24  hours  later  …  24  hours  later  again  …    
  4. 4. CommiQer(s)  +  Code  
  5. 5. Developers  CommiQers  +  Code  
  6. 6. Developers  CommiQers  +  Code  
  7. 7. Developers  Users  CommiQers  +  Code  
  8. 8. Developers  Users  CommiQers  +  Code  
  9. 9. How  do  you  increase  your  user  base?  (How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  install/configure/use  the  soZware?)    How  do  you  encourage  developers?  (How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  build/test/experiment?)    How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  contribute?  (What  do  you  communicate  to  your  community)  
  10. 10. How  do  you  increase  your  user  base?  (How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  install/configure/use  the  soZware?)    
  11. 11. How  do  you  increase  your  user  base?  (How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  install/configure/use  the  soZware?)    Project  Exes  published  Project  Install  Automated  SoZware  Construc7on  Ac7vi7es  Project  BugTracking  
  12. 12. How  do  you  increase  your  user  base?  (How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  install/configure/use  the  soZware?)    Project  Exes  published  Project  Install  Automated  SoZware  Construc7on  Ac7vi7es  Project  License  FAQs,  Howto  Community  Development  Ac7vi7es    Project  BugTracking  Forums,  Email  
  13. 13. How  do  you  encourage  developers?  (How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  build/test/experiment?)      
  14. 14. How  do  you  encourage  developers?  (How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  build/test/experiment?)      Project  Build  Automated  I  Complete  Src  published  Project  Test  Automated  I  SoZware  Construc7on  Ac7vi7es  
  15. 15. How  do  you  encourage  developers?  (How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  build/test/experiment?)      Project  Build  Automated  I  Complete  Src  published  Project  Test  Automated  I  SoZware  Construc7on  Ac7vi7es  Mission  Statement  Comms  Plaborm  ContributoionGuidelines  Community  Development  Ac7vi7es    Code  of  Conduct  
  16. 16. How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  contribute?  (What  do  you  communicate  to  your  community)  
  17. 17. How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  contribute?  (What  do  you  communicate  to  your  community)  Project  Build  Automated  II  Project  Test  Automated  II  Basic  Arch  Descrip7on  SoZware  Construc7on  Ac7vi7es  
  18. 18. How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  contribute?  (What  do  you  communicate  to  your  community)  Project  Build  Automated  II  Project  Test  Automated  II  Basic  Arch  Descrip7on  SoZware  Construc7on  Ac7vi7es  Governance  Events  Community  Development  Ac7vi7es    
  19. 19. How  do  you  make  it  easy  to  contribute?  (What  do  you  communicate  to  your  COMMERCIAL  community)  Project  License  Provenance  Tracking  Repositories  Protected  Dependencies  Documented  Contribu7ons  AudiQed    Provenance  Management  CommiQers  Indemnified  CommiQer  Governance  Trademark  Management  IP  Management  Ac7vi7es    
  20. 20.                Open  Source  Community  Pa#erns  Project  Exes  published  Project  Build  Automated  I  Project  Install  Automated  Complete  Src  published  Project  BugTracking  Project  Build  Automated  II  Project  Test  Automated  I  Project  Test  Automated  II  Basic  Arch  Descrip7on  Project  License  Project  License  Mission  Statement  Code  of  Conduct  Forums,  Email  Comms  Plaborm  FAQs,  Howto  Governance  ContributoionGuidelines  Events  Provenance  Tracking  Repositories  Protected  Dependencies  Documented  Contribu7ons  AudiQed    Provenance  Management  CommiQers  Indemnified  CommiQer  Governance  Trademark  Management  IP  Management  Ac7vi7es    Community  Development    SoZware  Construc7on  Maturity  
  21. 21. Developers  Users  CommiQers  +  Code  
  22. 22. Developers  Users  CommiQers  +  Code  Books  Contractors  Products  Distribu2ons  Consul2ng  Training  Support  Building  the  Ecosystem  
  23. 23. Plan  Forward  •  This  is  a  Work-­‐in-­‐Progress  •  Github  •  Atlas  (asciiDoc  and  Markdown)  •  Run  as  an  open  source  project  •  Crea7ve  Commons  Licensed  •  Designed/developed  to  be  as  inclusive  as  possible  
  24. 24. Ques@ons  &  Comments  Stephen  R  Walli  @stephenrwalli