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Stephen Rayment Systech London - A Global Construction Consultant


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Stephen Rayment: Systech International is the leading global provider of commercial management, project controls, planning, and scheduling, legal and visualization, services on construction, infrastructure, and energy projects. Stephen Rayment Systech is the Managing director and co-founder of Systech International.

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Stephen Rayment Systech London - A Global Construction Consultant

  1. 1. Systech International - A Global Construction Consultant Stephen Rayment Systech
  2. 2. About Systech International Systech International provides responsive, high quality consultancy services, including planning, to contractors, supporting them in the delivery of global projects on time and to budget. Our planners will ensure that your project has a robust, contract compliant program that can be used across all phases of the project lifecycle
  3. 3. Our Mission The better the program, the more likely the project will come in on-time and on- budget. Systech International has a proven record in supporting contractors to prepare programs at the outset of a project and in the ongoing management and reporting of progress during the delivery phase
  4. 4. Benefits To Clients • Full schedule analysis that checks and recommends solutions of shortcomings. • Results Visualized in tables, charts & graphs, and detailed lists of activities. • Substantiation of the baseline to demonstrate accurate monitoring, reporting and potentially non-culpable delays of EOTs.
  5. 5. Systech will review the ‘health’ of your baseline program before submission for approval and produce a contract compliant report with recommendations highlighting any shortcomings and how these can be remedied. Our review will include logic links, out of sequence activities, open starts/ends, float and logic issues. Our Services
  6. 6. Stephen Rayment Stephen Rayment co-founded Systech International in 1991 with Mark Woodward-Smith and he is the Group Managing Director with responsibility for the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific and America’s regions. Stephen is also responsible for all strategic and policy matters. Under Stephen’s leadership Systech has developed into a leading global construction consultancy with a reputation for high quality, managed services.
  7. 7. Contact Us Systech International has a worldwide network of 27 offices with a coordinated management structure which enables us to provide our full range of services on a global basis to a consistent, and high quality, standard.