Haworth Global Capabilities 2011


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Haworth\'s Global Capabilities 2011

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Haworth Global Capabilities 2011

  2. 2. Table of Contents 5 Introduction 7 Message from Haworth Leadership 9 Who We Are 11 Global Benefits 13 Markets Served 15 North America 17 Latin America 19 Europe 21 Asia Pacific 23 Middle East & Africa 25 Global Design 27 Global Service 29 Global Sustainability 31 Global Quality 33 Knowledge & Research 35 Global Locations 37 Appendix Haworth Global Headquarters Holland, Michigan, U.S.A.2 3
  3. 3. Asia Pacific Africa Haworths Global Mission. Haworth will partner with visionary clients to leverage our industry expertise and share our workplace knowledge, providing consistent and exceptional support through a full range of interior solutions and Europe services around our world. We understand that in order to best help you succeed we need to help on a global platform. Middle Every day, in markets around the world, Haworth offers its clients a consistent, responsive East buying experience – whether you’re in Chicago or Shanghai. And while our culture of innovation encourages us to explore new concepts and solutions, our strategic focus never varies: delivering a competitive advantage for our clients’ success.The Americas 4 5
  4. 4. Welcome to the family. On behalf of our leadership, our members, and our dealer partners, welcome to Haworth. Whether we’re meeting for the first time or we’ve been exchanging handshakes for years, consider yourself family. Haworth stands ready to understand who you are and where you want to go. We do this by combining the power of our global networks, our proven scientific tools, and best practices that we’ve learned from working with thousands of clients. Want to maximize your floor plate, achieve LEED® certification, or develop a strategy that uses your workplace as a tool to communicate your cultural values? We have the tools and expertise to get you there. Global matters, whether you’re looking for global pricing contracts that leverage purchasing power or local service representatives that understand local customs and laws, we’re here to help. Because in the end, Haworth isn’t just interested in how our products might fit into your facility; we want to know how your facility fits into your business strategy. Sincerely, Matthew Haworth Chairman Haworth, Inc.6 7
  5. 5. Quality is our heritage. Global is our reach. Adaptable interiors are our expertise. Haworth’s roots are in Holland, Michigan where founder G.W. Haworth started Our Vision: his business in 1948 with $10,000 he borrowed from his parents. Privately- At Haworth, we create beautiful, effective, and adaptable workspaces. owned ever since, we like to think of ourselves as more Main Street than Wall Street, offering a personal touch on a global platform. We’ve grown organically, Our Values: from the ground up, remaining true to our roots. We value our customers. We value our members. Today, we are one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world, with We value integrity. more than $1.1 billion in sales. Haworth is the only true global company in We value continuous learning. We value results. the industry: We value our world. • with over 6,200 members globally • 20 manufacturing locations in 10 countries OUR MISSION STATEMENT AND VALUES TRANSCEND CONTINENTS. • over 80 offices and showrooms • more than 600 independent dealers around the world • 41% of Haworth’s sales are outside the U.S. • 45% of Haworth’s members (employees) are outside the U.S. At the core of Haworth is an unshakable commitment to the boundless potential of people. Our products create the freedom to move, change, be warm, be cool, and find more satisfaction at work. We believe good quality combined with beautiful design has the power to sustain truly successful organizations.8 9
  6. 6. The shortest distance between you and the world. Haworth can shorten the distance between the desire to grow around ion. Drawing orat the world and the reality of getting there. We offer the advantage of a on lab strong global infrastructure with local manufacturing, dealers, services, l th e co e and distribution resources. Our members and dealers wear the same face, speak the local language, and share the same cultural experiences as the be n countries where you want to grow. pli st d knowledg es an sci e, H wo o urc aw • Consistent global buying experience – with a single point of contact d via cross-di es o rldw roducts a urcevsea ped r • We own all of our production facilities and subsidiaries in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific r th e wid • Single source for global project management ide resore d p the best world • Global network of sales, services, and dealers • Global product development with local focus • Global pricing programs lope • Global reporting capabilities e lo GLOBAL BENEFITS ve on de n in g d kvia e raw r n cro owl .D ts a ss- edg i on uc disc e, H a a bo ipline collwortrath prod10 11
  7. 7. Asia Pacific Africa Europe Middle East MARKETS SERVED: ACROSS THE STREET. ACROSS THE COUNTRY. ACROSS THE WORLD. Latin America North12 America 13
  8. 8. N O R T H AM E R I C A Haworth is a leader in the North American contract furniture market with operations in the U.S. and Canada. Our geographic expansion in these regions is matched only by the growth of our furniture and service offering: systems furniture, desk and guest seating, steel and wood casegoods, files, tables, desking systems, floor-to-ceiling walls, raised flooring, lighting and technology, as well as a wide selection of facilities-and furniture-related services. In addition, Haworth brings many popular European solutions to the North American market — ensuring a wide range of options is available with global appeal. Worldwide Headquarters Location Canada Headquarters Location • Holland, Michigan, U.S.A. • Calgary, Alberta U.S.A. Production Locations Canada Production Location • Michigan, U.S.A. (8 locations) • St. Pie, Quebec, Canada • High Point, North Carolina, U.S.A. • Bruce, Mississippi, U.S.A. Canada Presence Since 1982 U.S.A. Presence Since 1948 • 7 offices • 16 full-service dealers • 17 offices and showrooms • 280 full-service dealers Americas Design Center Location • Holland, Michigan All North American production facilities are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14001 certified.14 15
  9. 9. L AT I N AM E R I C A Haworth is a leader in the Latin American contract furniture market with operations reaching across the region. Sáo Paulo, Brazil is home to Haworth’s operational base in Latin America. Furniture products from North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe are distributed through independent dealers located in many major cities of Latin America. Regional Headquarters Americas Design Center Location • Sáo Paulo, Brazil • Holland, Michigan Production Location • Curitiba, Parana, Brazil Latin America Presence Since 1995 • 15 offices • 15 full-service dealers16 17
  10. 10. EUROPE The Haworth European Regional Headquarters is in London, United Kingdom with staff offices and showrooms operating across Europe. We offer the convenience of conducting business in a variety of currencies. Our process starts in the country where the order is placed, which keeps communication clear and coordinates all processes. Our extensive dealer network further broadens our reach, offering detailed product knowledge based on Haworth’s thorough training. Regional Headquarters Europe Presence • London, United Kingdom • 100+ years of experience • 26 offices and showrooms • 300 full-service dealers Production Locations • Agueda, Portugal Design Center Locations • Ahlen, Germany • Bad Münder, Germany • Ahlen, Germany • Menziken, Switzerland • San Giovanni, Italy • Queluz, Portugal • San Giovanni, Italy • St. Hilaire, France All European production facilities are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14001 certified.18 19
  11. 11. ASIA PACIFIC The Haworth Asia Pacific sector offers local service for global clients in Asia Pacific. Haworth’s sales and marketing, manufacturing, and distribution networks have expanded significantly in this region during the past decade, giving our customers access to capabilities and resources unmatched by any other supplier. Regional manufacturing sites in Shanghai, China, and Pune, India, provide responsive lead time and quality products consistent with Haworth’s reputation for world-class excellence. Haworth offers local and multinational customers knowledgeable sales, design consultation, and technical services with wholly-owned distribution serving most of the Asian region. Our organic growth in the emerging markets is unprecedented. We support clients from around the world who are expanding their footprint abroad. Our ability to speak the language, understand client needs, and leverage our strong, experienced network has resulted in success for hundreds of global clients. Regional Headquarters Asia Presence Since 1987 • Shanghai, China • 19 full-service offices • 11 full-service dealers Production Locations Design Center Locations • Shanghai, China • Pune, India • Shanghai, China All Asia Pacific production facilities are ISO 9001 certified and ISO 14001 certified.20 21
  12. 12. MIDDLE EAST and AFRIC A The Haworth Middle East and Africa sector offers local service for global clients. Furniture products from Nigeria, North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe are distributed through independent dealers located in many major cities of this region. Haworth has teamed with a local manufacturer within Lagos. This manufacturer has been assembling furniture in Nigeria for almost 20 years, with an impeccable history of meeting all of the regulatory compliance issues. This partner has an 8,000 square meter manufacturing site that is capable of localizing both our seating and systems applications for select clients within Africa. Regional Headquarters Design Center Locations • Dubai, United Arab Emirates • Dubai, United Arab Emirates Locally Sourced Production • Lagos, Nigeria Presence Since: • Middle East, est. 1992 • South Africa, est. 1990 • Central Africa, est. 1993 • North Africa, est. 2006 • 11 offices • 25 full-service dealers22 23
  13. 13. Designed with the world in mind. AllWays Drawing on the best worldwide resources and knowledge, Haworth products are developed through cross-discipline collaboration. Our teams include external, independent designers along with internal product development teams located in four key global design markets. Our philosophy – regardless of geography – is that your environment should inspire you. By bringing together our vast workplace knowledge and combining it with our global capabilities, we’re able to provide our customers with high performing environments that not only look beautiful on the floor plate, but on the bottom line as well. A clear, compelling design point of view From architectural elements to freestanding furniture, our design teams honor discrete levels of integration throughout our product development process. This deliberate approach to design means each solution is great alone, yet works together with other products for effortlessly holistic environments that can endlessly adapt as needs change. Haworth Global Design Centers Designed globally, applied locally GLOBAL DESIGN • Ahlen, Germany • AllWays – the first Climate Positive Furniture System in the world. • San Giovanni, Italy Asia Pacific introduced AllWays, a systems product backed by • Shanghai, China research from the international design consultancy of DEGW and • Holland, Michigan certification by Good Environmental Choice Australia. • Kiron – Andreas Struppler, an external designer, designed Kiron for the needs of today and the foreseeable future. The incorporation of Haworths global perspectives and workplace knowledge ensure Kiron can integrate with any office environ- ment. Kiron, originally a European product has expanded to North American markets. • Bamboo – Haworths Design Team developed Bamboo to meet the changing work space needs in Asia Pacific. The Haworth Bamboo system was designed to accommodate and serve Kiron workplaces, delivering flexible solutions that are scalable in features, and configuration. • Zody – Zody incorporates the features and flair inherent in an internationally designed product. The project team consisted of ITO-Design in Germany, Haworth Design Studio in Holland, Michigan, USA, and the Human Performance Institute of Western Zody Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA. Bamboo Zody’s design is accepted and appreciated on a global scale, as she comfortably conforms to different groups of population with extreme differences body heights/shapes and work habits. Since her launch, Zody has earned numerous awards for performance, ergonomics, design, and sustainability.24 25
  14. 14. You take care of business; we take care of the rest. Our powerful combination of global reach and local expertise puts the technologies, infrastructure, and people in place to manage your work- space needs worldwide. The process starts with your Haworth Global Account Manager, a single point of contact that coordinates all your interior needs so you can get back to work. Haworth provides a full service offering of global technologies and other services. Our ability to provide everything from e-procurement to global reporting, from standards programs to installation services, can expand to meet your needs. All for one - and one for all. Haworth provides a Managed Sourcing program for our Project Management + Furniture Services Include: Site GLOBAL SER VICE surveys, space planning, design, facility management, global customers that recognizes your needs are more complex than the sum of your parts. A holistic approach furniture delivery and installation, move management, will help you refine your real estate planning and create furniture removal, storage, inventory, relocation, recondi- a single global facilities strategy that helps you: tioning, rental, buy back, trade-in, or disposal. • Obtain greater efficiency Asset Management: Minimize the amount of furniture • Reduce schedule time in storage and redeploy furniture from various sites as • Realize significant cost savings your facilities change. • Plan schedules and budget forecasts accurately Standards Program Development: Standardize your brand across offices, across continents. Our Managed Sourcing program includes: Global Account Management: A Single Point of Contact – e-Business Facility and Real Estate Resources: Haworth your Global Accounts Manager – supported by dedicated offers a comprehensive suite of web-based tools local account teams to service every site worldwide. enabling collaboration with online product standards, estimating tools, eProcurement (with punch-out), ser- • Develops global coverage and an vice management, asset management, key performance implementation plan indicator reporting, document sharing, and training. • Creates global pricing contracts to leverage purchasing power Metrics: Haworth can establish, track, and report metrics, • Establishes a dealer distribution model ensuring you have consistent, real-time access to project • Ensures local Haworth service and support information and data. • Establishes reporting consistency26 27
  15. 15. Minimizing our environmental impact. Our long term sustainability objectives. Our goal is to lead the environmental revolution by example. At Haworth, • Sustainable Product and we recognize the interconnected relationships among people, business, Workspace Design and the environment and strive to achieve balance as we continue to • Energy Management evolve. The result of this thinking is a business model known as the triple • Green Transportation • Zero Waste and Emissions bottom line. Our work space solutions are designed to help our customers • Green Building and Sustainable reach their sustainable goals, while placing great importance on protecting Site Management the environment. • Social Responsibility • Stakeholder Engagement Our sustainability vision statement. Haworth will be a sustainable corporation. We engage our employees in more sustainable practices; we initiate and use processes that are neutral or improve our environment; and we utilize our resources in ways that create adaptable and sustainable work space solutions for our customers. We do all of this globally to protect and restore our environment, create economic value, and support and strengthen our communities. GLOBAL SUSTAINABILIT Y Some of our sustainability accomplishments. 1988 Haworth becomes a charter participant in the EPA 33/50 program, a pollution prevention initiative 1993 Haworth opens an on-site corporate recycling center 1999 Haworth’s Ahlen, Germany, manufacturing plant was the first Haworth facility – and one of the first in the industry – to receive ISO 14001 certification 2005 Haworth’s Chicago showroom is first space in the Merchandise Mart to be certified LEED – CI Gold 2005 Haworth is the first in the industry to join the EPA Climate Leaders program and pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% per dollar sales by 2009 2005 Zody® Seating is the first chair in the industry with Gold-level Cradle-to-Cradlesm certification 2005 Haworth adopts McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry standards 2007 Our Shanghai manufacturing facilities achieved Zero Waste to Landfill goal 2008 Haworth’s AllWays systems furniture is the first climate positive office system in the world 2009 Haworth owned and operated facilities in North America, China and India achieve Zero Waste to Landfill goal 2010 All global locations are ISO 14001 certified Also: • 76 products are certified as low-emitting. • 28 products are calculated for carbon footprint. • 2 lines have been third-party certified as climate positive. • 51 have product environmental data sheets. • 42 are listed for potential LEED point contributions. • 12 Haworth showrooms are LEED certified or registered. • All major product lines for Haworth North America, Asia Pacific and Groupe Lacasse are air-quality certified by GREENGUARD or SCS Indoor Advantage Gold.28 29
  16. 16. We build it as if our neighbor was going to buy it. The idea that everyone is part of something much bigger than simply assembling furniture is the key to our quality program. From the front desk to the factory floor, our members know they have the potential to directly affect our customers’ satisfaction. Quality programs include: • A2LA test lab certification • UL test lab certification • ISO-IEC 17025 test lab certification GLOBAL QUALIT Y • British Standards Institution (BSI) ISO 9001 & ISO1 4001 Quality and Environmental Management Systems • GS approved safety (North America), GS - Mark (Europe) • BIFMA standards (North America and Asia Pacific) • TUV European quality auditing system • AFRDI Australian quality and certification institute Haworth’s Corporate Quality works hand in hand with our manufacturing plants to improve our quality in every line and cell. Our mission is all about having capable processes, achieving zero defects, and most importantly, delighting each and every customer.30 3130 31
  17. 17. Using science to better inform design. Encouraging creativity and innovation in any organization demands alignment among people, processes, and places at the individual, group, and organiza- tional levels. The Ideation Group provides forward-thinking, time-tested tools to ensure that a workplace – or change-planning process yields the best possible results with minimal negative impact and maximum effectiveness. Services + Solutions Ideation research stresses applied learning. We make our findings available to clients through: • Knowledge Creation • Knowledge Education • Knowledge Application KNOWLEDGE & RESEAR CH Knowledge Creation Our scientists’ disciplined, methodical approach to problem solving is critical to the development of our stores of workplace knowledge. They perform primary and secondary research on issues facing business in general as well as the physical environment and client-specific needs. Their findings are incorporated into new products and client solutions. Knowledge Education The Ideation Group’s educators present information on a wide array of workplace topics. They provide unique, refreshing, and occasionally challenging points of view. Custom learning programs are also available, in which participants can build their own workplace knowledge profiles to address specific priorities. Knowledge Application Our workplace strategy consultants provide expertise in evolving workplace issues. Drawing on our science-and-design approach and workplace knowledge tool kit, the Ideation Group consultants work with you and your service partners to cultivate greater understanding of the connections be- tween the social and physical environments.32 33
  18. 18. THE WORLD OF HAWOR TH 2011 A partner you can trust. We have more than 600 aligned Haworth dealerships around the world… and this number is growing. These dealerships are committed business partners with Haworth. Our teams are dedicated to ensuring the health of our dealerships and providing ongoing training, business guidance, and support through tools and services. From major metropolitan areas to remote locations, our dealers provide a wide range of solutions and services to clients like you. Our independent dealers are located around the world and offer: • Long-term partnerships • Distribution excellence • Stringent performance criteria • Electronic specifications and • Full service offering in order entry processes34 35 local markets
  19. 19. APPENDIX36 37
  20. 20. OFFICES AND SHOWROOM LOCATIONS MANUFACTURING LOCATIONS United States Frankfurt, Germany Middle East, Africa Global Corporate Leiria, Portugal Regional Headquarters: Asia Pacific United States Headquarters: Holland, MI London, United Kingdom Dubai, United Arab Emirates Pune, India Big Rapids, Michigan Lyon, France Seating and Systems (2011) Steel Components Offices: Madrid, Spain Offices: 64,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space 291,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space Atlanta, Georgia Menziken, Switzerland Beirut, Lebanon Boston, Massachusetts Milano, Italy Casablanca, Morocco Shanghai, People’s Republic of China Big Rapids, Michigan Chicago, Illinois Moscow, Russia Dubai , United Arab Emirates Wood and Steel Casegoods Wood Casegoods Columbus, Ohio Nieuwegein, Netherlands Doha, Qatar 205,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space 95,200 sq. ft. manufacturing space Dallas, Texas Paris, France Manama, Bahrain Denver, Colorado Porto, Portugal Kuwait City, Kuwait Bruce, Mississippi Detroit, Michigan Prague, Czech Republic Lagos, Nigeria Europe Seating Holland, Michigan Queluz, Portugal Nairobi, Kenya Agueda, Portugal 95,200 sq. ft. manufacturing space Houston, Texas Rome, Italy Rabat, Morocco Steel and Wood Components Los Angeles, California San Giovanni, Italy Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 163,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space Douglas, Michigan Minneapolis, Minnesota Setúbal, Portugal Tripoli, Lybia Steel Fabrication Ahlen, Germany 163,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space New York, New York Sevilla, Spain Seating Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Stuttgart, Germany 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space High Point, North Carolina Phoenix, Arizona Torino, Italy Latin America Wood Seating San Francisco, California Valencia, Spain Regional Headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil Bad Münder, Germany 134,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space Seattle, Washington Zurich, Switzerland Wood Casegoods Washington, D.C. Offices: 383,300 sq. ft. manufacturing space Holland, Michigan Bogotá, Colombia Systems Asia Pacific Buenos Aires, Argentina Menziken, Switzerland 380,800 sq. ft. manufacturing space Canada Regional Headquarters: Shanghai, China Caracas, Venezuela Systems Components Regional Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta Guadalajara, Mexico 102,600 sq. ft. manufacturing space Holland, Michigan Offices: Guatemala City, Guatemala Steel Casegoods Offices: Auckland, New Zealand Lima, Peru Queluz, Portugal 300,850 sq. ft. manufacturing space Calgary, Alberta Bangalore, India Mexico City, Mexico Steel Components and Seating Montreal, Quebec Beijing, China Monterrey, Mexico 199,400 sq. ft. manufacturing space Holland, Michigan Ottawa, Ontario Brisbane, Australia Panama City, Panama Laminate Work Surfaces, Moveable Walls Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canberra, Australia Rio de Janeiro, Brazil San Giovanni, Italy 393,500 sq. ft. manufacturing space St. Pie, Quebec Chennai, India San José, Costa Rica Steel Components Toronto, Ontario Dalian, China San Salvador, El Salvador 168,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space Kentwood, Michigan Vancouver, BC Hong Kong Santiago, Chile Raised Flooring Hyderabad, India São Paulo, Brazil St. Hilaire, France 140,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tegucigalpa, Honduras Wood Components Europe Melbourne, Australia 400,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space Ludington, Michigan Electrical Components Regional Headquarters: London, UK Mumbai, India 152,800 sq. ft. manufacturing space New Delhi, India Canada Offices: Perth, Australia St. Pie, Quebec Bad Münder, Germany Pune, India Groupe Lacasse division Barcelona, Spain Shanghai, China Seating, Casegoods, Systems, Storage DESIGN CENTER LOCATIONS Berlin, Germany Singapore 300,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space Budapest, Hungary Sydney, Australia Ahlen, Germany Dublin, Ireland Tokyo, Japan Dubai, United Arab Emirates Africa Holland, MichiganPRODUCT OVERVIEW NORTH AMERICA LATIN AMERICA EUROPE MIDDLE EAST ASIA PACIFIC Lagos, Nigeria San Giovanni, Italy Locally Sourced Production Shanghai, China Raised Access Floors Seating 700 m2 manufacturing spaceModular Data / Power Moveable Walls Brazil Systems Curitiba, Parana Locally Sourced Production Seating Seating 500 m2 manufacturing space Storage Casegoods Conference38 39
  21. 21. For more information call 800.344.2600 or 616.393.3000.Haworth is a registered trademark of Haworth, Inc.©Haworth, Inc. 2011 01.11haworth.com | haworth-europe.com | haworth-asia.com