Bcu msc corporate governance overview 2013


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Bcu msc corporate governance overview 2013

  1. 1. MScAccountancy&Finance
  2. 2. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE& OPERATIONS RISK ANALYSISAND CONTROLStephen Ong,BSc(Hons) Economics (LSE),MBA International Business(Bradford)MBI/MSc Bioprocessing(UCL)Visiting Fellow, Birmingham City University, UKVisiting Professor, Shenzhen Universitystephenongch@gmail.com
  3. 3. • Introduction to CoursePlan1• Lecture 1 : Introductionto Corporate Governance2• Group : Practice Case3Today’s Overview
  4. 4. Learning Objectives• To further understanding and analysis of the presentglobal economic environment.• To study all aspects of risk management.• To learn the organisational roles and relationshipstructures of stakeholders.• To discuss the issues of change management and relatedstrategies.• To expose students to strategic management andplanning as well as financial strategy evaluation in real-world business cases.• To introduce control systems using risk managementmethods.
  5. 5. Synopsis• This course provides students with an understanding of theglobal economic environment and corporate governanceissues.• Students will learn project management skills in thecontext of managing risks.• A sound appreciation of stakeholder relationships andtheir influences on the organisation is necessary forevaluating change management strategies.• Evaluating real-world case studies will enable students tobe more critical in their selection of strategic options inbusiness strategy, performance management and riskmanagement methods.
  6. 6. AssessmentCoursework (30%)Individual written assignmentsencompassing -• 5 case studies (10%) andPresentation (individualassessment)• 1 case study research paper(3,000 words) (20%) on theanalysis of the corporategovernance issues andfinancial risks faced recentlyby a PLC in Asia.Examination (70%)• Closed book examinationbased on CIMA format tosatisfy professionalexemption requirementsand encompass the entiresphere of learningoutcomes.
  7. 7. Course Content• Introduction to Corporate Governance,accountability and governance systemsworldwide• Project Risk management approaches• Stakeholders and corporate social reporting• Organisational strategy, business models andrisk management• Strategic change management• Organising risk management
  8. 8. Resources : E-Learning• <Intranet site text here><http://elearning.tarc.edu.my>• <Additional online materials here><https://www.facebook.com/groups/562211463818301/>• Lecture slides resources:<http://www.slideshare.net/stephenongch>
  9. 9. Resources : Core Reading• Solomon, Jill (2010) Corporate Governance and Accountability 3rdEdition, Wiley, UK.• Goergen, Marc (2012) International Corporate Governance,Pearson.• Monks, A.G. & Minow, N. (2011) Corporate Governance, 5th Edition,Wiley.• Gray, Rob, Owen, Dave & Adams, Carol (1996) Accounting &Accountability, Prentice Hall/Pearson Essex, UK.• Baron, David P.(2013) Business and its environment, 7th Edition,Pearson• Ward, Stephen (2005) Risk Management – Organisation andContext, Institute of Risk Management UK.• Chapman, Robert J.(2011) Simple tools and techniques forenterprise risk management, 2nd edition, Wiley, UK.• Johnson, Gerry, Whittington, Richard & Scholes, Kevan (2011), 9thedition, FT Prentice Hall/Pearson UK.
  10. 10. Recommended Reading• Larcker, David & Tayan, Brian (2011) CorporateGovernance Matters, FT Press/Pearson New Jersey.• Chapman, Chris & Ward, Stephen, (2003) Project RiskManagement, 2nd edition, Wiley, UK.• Dallas, G. (2004) Governance and Risk, McGraw Hill• CIMA - Performance Strategy: Study Text (2012) BPPLearning Media Ltd.• P3 Performance Strategy - Study Text (CIMA StudyText) (2012) Kaplan Publishing• Boatright, John R. ed.(2010) Finance Ethics : Criticalissues in theory and practice, Wiley
  11. 11. Resources : JournalsEmerald & ProQuesthttp://web3.tarc.edu.my/v1/news/intranet/n_onresources.aspAccountancyAccounting Auditing AndAccountabilityAccounting Organisation AndSocietyAccounting HorizonsAccounting ReviewBritish Accounting ReviewCritical Perspectives OnAccountingCorporate GovernanceCorporate Governance AdvisorCorporate Governance: AnInternational ReviewEuropean Accounting ReviewInternal Auditing and BusinessRiskInternal AuditorInternational Journal OfAccountingInternational Journal of AuditingJournal Of Accounting ResearchJournal of Business EthicsReview Of Accounting AndFinanceRisk Management
  12. 12. QUESTIONS?