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Building an effective online presence


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Building an Effective Online Presence

Published in: Business
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Building an effective online presence

  1. 1. Building an Effective Online Presence by Stephen Nagle Hingham
  2. 2. As one of the primary mediums linking consumer and vendor, the Internet has become central to the modern marketplace. Even long-established brick-and-mortar companies with strong brands have found it necessary to establish e- commerce and online marketing strategies in order to remain relevant and in the forefront of public awareness. The same goes for small- and newly-established businesses; if prospective clients in and around your physical location don’t know about you, your business won’t grow. Take a look at the steps on the next page for tips on building an effective online presence:
  3. 3. 1. Research. With a virtually limitless number of venues onthe Internet, it can be tempting to take a scattershotapproach to marketing, placing advertisements or businessprofiles without any forethought or strategy. Becausemarket dynamics differ among industries, its critical to firstsee how your competition approaches marketing.2. Optimize. Because search engines like Google oftenserve as the kickoff point for consumers locating a productor service, find out what prospective clients are searchingfor, i.e., what specific words do they use to engage in asearch? Build content around these terms.
  4. 4. At this point, the focus comes to continuouslydeveloping quality content that engages readers andhas them returning on a regular basis, as well asmonitoring ratings and reviews on various websites.Also, don’t underestimate social media; create profileson websites like Twitter and Facebook to connect withyour customers.About the Author: As Vice President of PhillipsHospitality, Stephen Nagle Hingham introduced e-commerce to the Phillips Candy House.