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Sia presentation july 2011 [compatibility mode]


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Sia presentation july 2011 [compatibility mode]

  1. 1. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD Presentation July 2011
  2. 2. SIA FLEXITANKS LTDSIA provides the comprehensive solution foryour Bulk Liquid Transportation needs.The Right Product, The Right People!
  3. 3. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD SIA Worldwide LocationsSIA OfficesSIA AgentsFactory
  4. 4. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD Experienced StaffEach SIA associate is highly qualified to handle flexitank sales,operations and technical questions.We offer step-by-step training for customers to ensure ease of operation. High Quality ServiceA custom designed package that is tailored to fit your needs.
  5. 5. SIA FLEXITANKS LTDSIA has a truly global flexitank operating capability, with offices and flexitank servicing depots strategically placed on all 6 continents.SIA has experienced flexitank engineers available to give training and assistance in flexitank handling in most locations worldwide at short notice.SIA can offer a complete flexitank service from the design & manufacture of a flexitank to meet your needs to the final delivery of your bulk liquid. This is a flexitank service second to none. SIA Flexitanks Ltd have combined experience of over a century in the Flexitank industry. SIA Flexitanks Ltd have offices in Houston, Ireland, Dubai, Rio De Janeiro, India and Australia. SIA Flexitanks Ltd flexitanks are manufactured exclusively in India.
  6. 6. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD The SIA Service Package A custom designed package that is tailored to fit your needs. Total logistical support whenever / wherever needed from full service to direct sale ex works. A large inventory on the ground in Asia, the USA and Europe. Tank design and standard industry fittings to allow easy loading and unloading. 100% inorganic bulkheads available. Worldwide Agency network. Peace of mind.
  7. 7. SIA FLEXITANKS LTDWhy is the market growing so fast?  Bulk / Parcel tanker shortage  High Price of Steel forcing up drum prices  Tank container imbalances  RELIABILITY OF FLEXITANKS = 1 Flexitank
  8. 8. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD Automated Blown Extrusion manufacturing Process, eliminates seams.The standard technology used for the manufacture is the blow extrusion method, which needs specifichigh tech equipment and process conditions according to the film’s raw material plastified PE polymers.The automation systems are based on unique software programs based on proprietary indications.The continuous development of processes and new products is managed by a qualified and experttechnical staff, supported by a laboratory equipped with the most advanced instruments.The materials used to manufacture the GlobalTank are autonomously complex original formulations.
  9. 9. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD Our Product – The Global TankThe Global tank can be summarized in 3 words:  It is Strong  It is Safe  It is VersatileThe tank insulates well, is resistant against aggressivesubstances and damage, it is virtually unbreakableand is environmentally friendly.
  10. 10. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD Why use the Global Tank?  A brand new tank for every load.  40% more payload than drums.  15% more payload than IBC’s.  The SIA proven safety record.  Assistance / training at load / discharge site is available.
  11. 11. SIA FLEXITANKS LTDQuality Assurance The “Global Tank" incorporates the latest technology with a proven track record. ISO 9001:2008-2012 Certified Manufacturing. All tanks are one-way and environmentally friendly. No cleaning, repairs and no contamination. FDA and BGA approved. Ozone sterilized available upon request. Product supply and quality under SIA control and supervision. Up to 24,000-litres capacity.
  12. 12. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD Typical Flexitank ApplicationsFoodstuffs Non-foodstuffsWine DetergentsFruit Juices Base OilsConcentrates Lube OilsMineral Water LubricantsPotable Water Paraffin waxVegetable Oils WaxesPalm Oils Printing InksCoconut Oils PaintsFish Oils EmulsionsEdible Oils GlycerineGlucose FertilizersSorbitol Natural LatexFructose Synthetic LatexCorn Syrup PlasticisersMalt Extracts Non-Hazardous ChemicalsTallow HerbicidesTomato Paste Crude Oils
  13. 13. SIA FLEXITANKS LTDSIA ManufacturingSIA Flexitanks are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008Facility using time tested and proven manufacturingtechniques and cutting edge design.SIA Quality:• The Global Tank is Manufactured from layers of FDA approved polyethylene film made from virgin resin.• The Global Tank has exceptional mechanical and elongation properties (over 800%) under stress to deliver excellent performance and peace of mind.•The Global Tank offers a wide range of product compatibility.
  14. 14. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD COA Railroad Impact Accreditation TTCI is a subsidiary of the Association of American Railroads
  15. 15. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD Environmental - Disposal Options Environmentally, polyethylene is one of the friendliest materials The Global Tank is manufactured from 100% recyclable materials Collection service available globally for recycling Resources available in most destinations others can be instigated during initial technical visit to train receiversSIA recognizes two means of disposal:Incineration Incineration is the preferred disposal method.Landfill Landfill is the other disposal method.
  16. 16. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD Top Loading Innovative Shipping Solutions  The revolutionary Top Load and Bottom Discharge Tank.  Just Like ISO tank Containers  2 or 3" Valves with convenient Camlock connection.Bottom discharge  Easy and quick to connect hoses for loading & unloading.  The most thorough and effective Flexitank discharge system on the market.
  17. 17. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD SIA Innovations Heater Pad The SIA specially designed steam heating pads fit under the flexitank to evenly reheat the cargo before unloading. PE Bin The SIA PE Bin acts as a secondary containment system for severe shipping conditions. The bin surrounds the flexitank and comes up to 5ft on the container walls. Bins designed for bottom discharge flexitanks have a ‘sleeve’ that extends out over the valve and is secured for added protection. Thermoliner For products that can separate or change consistency in extremely cold or hot temperatures, the Thermoliner helps minimise the cargo’s temperature charge and make unloading more efficient.
  18. 18. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD SIA Inventory ControlSIA employ a web based, in house developed Inventory Barcode Scanning Control System. Easilymanaged and controlled from a central location with personnel at each warehouse location able toscan in/out inventory as desired.The scanners are typically wireless handheld devices, which upload inventory information to theInventory Control website when located into their docking station.
  19. 19. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD Flexitank Valves
  20. 20. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD With you every step of the way From Cradle to GraveFrom supply of the Flexitank…. To Technical Support….To Installation…. To shipping….To Trucking…. To disposal or recycling….
  21. 21. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD SIA Marketing & Promotions
  22. 22. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD In Conclusion what does this mean for you the customer?We guarantee that if you book a flexitank to load anywhere in theworld with SIA Flexitanks Ltd you will receive:• The same quality Flexitank and Service each & every time.• Trained and Professional Technical support.• Full insurance.• Global Response.• Cost effective Bulk Liquid Transportation.
  29. 29. SIA FLEXITANKS LTD SIA Contact Information Global Flexi Systems 16230 DeZavala Channelview, TX 77530 Tel: 281-862-2550 Fax: 281-862-2536