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Executive summary 18 09-2013 v2 (1)

  1. 1. How Do We Think We Can Achieve To Raise £4 Million plusOver The Next Seven (7), months and Beyond.Stephen Lyall has a background inBusiness and Marketing spanning over thelast seventeen (17), years. His profile youwill be able to read in pagesto follow, he ran businesses that weresuccessful and unsuccessful but from astarting cash flow of £0.00, in that periodLyall turnover was close to £16 million plus.John OBrien fourteen (14), years in the comedycircuit in Scotland and countries stretching as far asAustralia. Huge, huge following...Gavin Corlos-Moreton is from a past thatnot many would dare to tread (Paratrooperand Marine), he has a huge following ofServicing and Ex- Servicemen, professionalsBusinessmen/women in the UK.
  2. 2. With strong worked out marketing strategies, keptwithin a very tight budget, combined we will createan automatic, high profile, trusted and energizing.Allocated fund base to donate to.Interestingly between the three amigoswe have a combined following onFacebook, Twitter, Linkedin and otherportals of over 9600 Followers/Friends.Some of our followers are high profilePoliticians, Comedians and Service Men aswell as Wealthy Entrepreneurs.Other professional organisations paid throughwhat they achieve, will be putting amerchandising campaign together, not justpromoting Lyall, OBrien and Morton but alsothe five (5), companies that helped us toraise the funds to start this off.The merchandising will have all companiesnames branded on it, that supported thestart of this amazing Journey ahead.This proposal will also be sent to a MSPwithin SNP and we expect backing andsupport from them, although this has notbeen confirmed yet.Lyall has sat in The Scottish Parliament in alive debate, May 2012, highlighting thedifficulties SMEs go through but also why theunemployed struggle to find work in todayseconomy. Still live to watch in via Google
  3. 3. How It WorksGavin Corlos Moreton is an Ex Paratrooperand Marine, now a professional coach inUrban Training. Gavin will prepare StephenLyall, John OBrien over the next 5 monthswith intense and sometimes brutal outdoorroutines. We have all passed medicals totake this task on. Gavin quoted “It’s not justthe body that needs trained; the mind hasgot to be trained also".As the Marathon is designed over sixty (60),days, two (2), days on, one (1), day off, thetraining over the five (5), months will be thesame routine. This trains our mind and body,for the 40/60.Month One (1), will be intense but more of aget ready for what has to come over thefollowing four (4), months.On The 18,09;2013 at 10.30am, theMarathons will commence from outside oras close to Hollyrood as possible.The Marathons will be run in Scotland andthe last seven (7), will take place in Walesand Ireland. With a twist at then end.
  4. 4. What’s In It For You If This Is A Cause You Feel Is Worth• Supporting: Satisfaction! All Literature, Media and TV Exposure, Will Include Your Brand or Name• Being Part Of Scotland’s Biggest Hurdle: Getting RID of IGNORANCE and FEAR, For the YES or NO vote! Who or What Type Of Company Can Participate ?Any reputable person or company from anyculture, who has a Scottish Postcode and trulybelieves that educating rather thanscaremongering, is the best for Scotland.You would have to be happy with where the moneyraised is going. Helping SMEs in Scotland and upand Coming new stars, which creates growth,creates, jobs, creates, consumer spending. AS YOUknow this is not rocket science!What Would Be the Total Cost To YOU or YOU’RE Business ?The estimated cost is £40,000, to hold thismammoth task over The seven (7), monthperiod. Each company’s total output would be nomore than £8,000 but this could be reducedsignificantly.
  5. 5. Because we have many different types of needs to Complete the 7 months, depending on what type of company or contacts you have, your input could be product as well as YOUR hard earned cash. The list could come from your brand, food, advertising material, car and driver (driver already chosen), this part could reduce your investment/support significantly. The largest cost is the living expenses of thethree individuals over the 7 month period.This total of £24,000. This works out on average a living cost of £258 per week, working week would consist of 60 hours per week, broken down gives us an average of £4.30 per hour. We WishHotels in the forty (40), destinations will beFREE to the three Amigos, huge expense takenout of the running costs.
  6. 6. Where Will Your Money Go and How It Will Be Accounted ForA bank account will take yourinvestment/support, only for the initial fundsraised between the five (5) companiessupporting the Journey Ahead.Every penny used from the account will beregistered and only taken out via anexpense card.This is the only money that will be availableto us throughout the next 7 months. Money raised from the event, exposure etc. Will be put into a trust fund with 5 allocatedmembers all from a business background, withgood experience in SMEs or The ComedyCircuit.They will be appointed after being vettedand will be responsible to who and why wehave allocated out the funds to supportindividual SMEs.What If You Are Not Happy With The Way The Event Goes. If for any valued reason you are not happy in the first 3 months of the Journey, we would look at your total investment and refund Forty (40) % of your investment in the
  7. 7. Project. Our Allocated Solicitors would look at your reason and if valid would refund you without delay.This is not something we envisage as 100%commitment will be put into the project by OBrien,Morton, Lyall and any other associated companiesthat are part of the journey. I.E. PR team, Volunteersetc. All third parties would be vetted before they participate. WHY Are We Doing This? Good question: Vote in 2014. By April 2014 most people in Scotland will have made their minds up BUT will it be a manipulated YES or NO, will it be because of all the wrong reasons. We are not going to put ourselves through hell and back to swing their vote towards a YES, we are doing this just to make people understand, its important to VOTE either way BUT through KNOWLEDGE not IGNORANCE.
  8. 8. Funds Raised during the next seven (7) Months and long after. Funds raised will go straight into a SECURE TREASURE FUND to help new or Existing Businesses.Whenbusiness is struggling, they go through aprocess that takes too long to help themand most of the time, the uupport or lack sof it, has come from people that havenever ran a business. THAT IS WRONG!The panel of business men/women, willbe experienced, will know what they aredoing and be able to make a quick butcalculated judgment on the WHYS andthe HOWS for these SMEs.In a time frame that does not cost themmoney, build false hope and not takethem through the slow NO process.
  9. 9. Costs for the Marathons based over the training period and the 40/60First 5 months.Living costs for the three (3)Amigos to survive over thefive 5 months’s training.Promoting, fund raising etc.£20,000Kit Required £1800Advertising £1000PR £1500Food and nutrition £170 per week = £3400Total £7,800Some of the above we will get free. If this was thecase the extra money left over would be dividedand sent back to the companies/ individuals thatsupported the JOURNEY.Total outlay with no freebies based on eachmonth, over five (5) moths for the above = £27,800Marathons begin on September 18thCosts.
  10. 10. Hotels FreeFood £1800Driver £2000Lyall, OBrien Moreton £4000Advertising £1000Fuel £600PR £1800Unexpected £1000Total cost from 18-09-2013 = £12,200Total Combined Cost £40,000The major expense is living expenses over thisseven (7) month period. With the weekly hours weare committing to, it works out we are on an hourlyrate of £4.30 per hour.
  11. 11. The Route / JourneyThe route has been well planned and thought out,one of the reasons we require a driver. You willnotice that some of the towns/citys are steeped inFascinating Scottish History. Below on this pagethere is couple of examples. Its a route full ofbeautiful scenery as well as tough terrain. Here itis below in order.Edinburgh close to the Parliament. Glasgow fromGeorges Square. Stirling from the WilliamWallace Monument. Perth. Dundee. Montrose.Inverbervie. Aberdeen. Peterhead. Fraserburgh.Banff. Lossiemouth. Nairn. Brora. John OGroats.Inverness. Fort William. Oban. Crinan. Tarbet.Campbletown. Stranraer. Dumfries.Gretna.Bigger. North Berwick.St Andrews. Kirkcaldy.Glasgow. Kilmarnock. Ayr, Final destination inScotland Hollyrood.4 in Wales and 3 in IrelandIn Wales I am close to an SNP who willAdvise us on which four (4), Citys orTowns, we will get the best responseFrom.
  12. 12. A few wee tails from two (2), of the interesting and rural places we will stop at.John O’Groats: (Taigh Iain Ghròt in ScottishGaelic) is a village in the Highland council area ofScotland. Part of the county of Caithness, John OGroats is popular with tourists because it isgenerally regarded as the most northerlysettlement on the island of Great Britain, althoughthis is not a claim made by its inhabitants and is infact false. It is however one end of the longestdistance between two inhabited points on theisland of Great Britain, Lands End being the other.(The most northerly point on the island of GreatBritain is nearby Dunnet Head).John O Groats is 876 miles (1,410 km) fromLands End, 690 miles (1,110 km) from London, 6miles (9.7 km) miles from the Orkney Isles,12,850 miles (20,680 km) from New Zealand and2,200 miles (3,500 km) from The North Pole. It is4.25 miles (6.84 km) from the uninhabited island ofStroma.
  13. 13. Crinan: The Crinan Canal is a canal in the west ofScotland and is operated by Scottish Canals. Ittakes its name from the village of Crinan at itswesterly end. Nine miles (14 km) long, it connectswithout the need for a long diversionAround the Kintyre peninsula, and inParticular the exposed Mull of Kintyre.The canal was originally built for commercialsailing vessels and later Clyde puffers to travelbetween the industrialised region around Glasgowto the West Highland villages and islands. It wasdesigned by civil engineer John Rennie and workstarted in 1794, but the canal was not completeduntil 1801 (two years later than planned).
  14. 14. Products & ServicesFoundational Training • Fundamentals o Learning the basic: fundamental exercises in order to build a foundation in the body and get the bodies muscles reacting as one • Squat • Squat Thrust • Press up • Squat Jump • Burpee all 4 of the above in 1exercise • Plyometric o Jumping using hands and feet, teaching the body to produce power and strength • Using fixed objects o Using fixed objects such as walls, benches, rails, steps and many other safe objects around the area to develop strength endurance, flexibility and coordination in a fun effective way • Using furniture o Using your own furniture to train indoors or out, many good highly effective exercises can be done on just 2 dining room chairs • Equipment o Using Sandbags, Kettlebells, Tyres and ropes as part of a strength programTechnique • General running o Learn to run effectively using running trainers • Natural running o Learn to run the way nature intended, using minimalist trainers you will change the way you look at running and develop strength you thought you never had.. • Short distance o Sprinting, focusing on stride, pace and range of movement to deliver power effectively to complete distances from 100m to 10k • Long distance o Teaching pace, breathing techniques and economic running in order to complete marathons and half-marathons • Breathing and Exercise o Learn to breath effectively in order to get the best out of a session and increase the speed of recovery and repair • Bodyweight exercise o lOOs of bodyweight exercises each with something different to offer the body www .streetgymuk.com
  15. 15. Strength and Conditioning • Bodyweight Endurance o High reps bodyweight exercise using exercises such as the squat, press up, bridge, handstand, pull ups and leg raises • Bodyweight Hypotrophy o Progressively harder exercises lower reps • Bodyweight Strength o Advanced strength exercises low reps • Nutritional Advice o What to eat, what not to eat in order to give you the best possible performance and resultsSpecialist • Military circuit training o Old school military circuits, with the added infamous military motivation • Sports specific exercise o Training tailored to sport to increase performance, and prevent injury • Street training o Training in the urban environment using obstacles around the city and surrounding • Running conditioning o Training to strengthen the muscles used for running, also mental barriers overcome • Events and challenges o Design and organisation of events, fitness challenges and training for eventsPersonal Training • Outdoor specific trainer • Bodyweight specialist • Fitness coach • Kettlebell Instructor • Boxercise Instructor • Military circuit Instructor • Street trainer www .streetgymuk.com
  16. 16. NOTES TO THE READERS OF THIS PRESENTATIONYou have read this far and thank you forshowing an interest. We hope you haveenjoyed the read, understand Why we aredoing this and last but not least support ourmind blowing, death defying, making theImpossible Possible.Thank you from:• Stephen Lyall• John OBrien• Gavin Carlos Moreton• The People and SMEs within ScotlandRegardsThe ThreeAmigosWe hope YOU enjoy our profiles below
  17. 17. Stephen Lyall Profile Location Glasgow Age 44July last year I and John OBrien begantraining to run 40 marathons and 40 comedygigs over 60 days.Due to unexpected events and severaladjustments .We put the start date back tolater this year, 18-09-2014.Stephen one of the key innovators in theteam and, as an ideas man, he moves at astaggering pace juggling numerous balls inthe air. The past 19 years he has gainedexperience running both small and largebusinesses, he has a well balancedunderstanding of what business owners anddrivers face. Having faced the same trials asmany SMEs have to face, gone through, firsthand, and suffered some of the hugedisappointments and frustrations in business
  18. 18. The businesses Stephen has built in the pasthave covered the whole of the UK withproducts being in America, Canada, Japanand a variety of other countries. Starting, asmany businesses have, with a very smallbudget, Stephens businesses grew to aturnover exceeding £16 million, over a periodof 16 years. He firmly believes it is not justwhat resources you have; it’s how you usethem that creates survival and success.Stephen says "I was lucky, I had a mentorwho coached and guided me for the first twoyears and it worked because I listened.Without that superb sounding board,someone to stop me wasting money andgoing down blind alleys, I really don’t think Iwould have had enjoyed the same success".The lesson that Stephen believes is his mostimportant, is that in business, power isposture and knowledge, knowing what to do,when to do it and how to do it. Timing is thekey to most new ventures.Learn from your failures, brush yourselfdown. As Richard Branson said “Businessopportunities come along as often as buses”.Vision, Attitude, Passion, Enjoyment,
  19. 19. ExperienceManaging DirectorBusiness Growth Now / Now HoldingsMarch 2011 – January 2013 (1years 8months) Glasgow, Scotland.We helped SMEs find the most cost, time andresource effective marketing and salesmethods. Essentially we help SMEs get theright marketing and selling messages in frontof right people so that customers buy fromthem and not their competitors.Most small businesses fail only because; theydont know what they dont know.
  20. 20. Past Businesses Over the Last Seventeen (17) yearsDirectorLimousines DirectJuly 2005 – October 2007 (2 years 4months) Glasgow ScotlandOwner of the 2nd largest Luxury StretchLimousine service in Britain, which alsoincluded other luxury vehicles such asBentleys, Mercs, Range Rovers etc. Clientssuch as Simon Cowell, Elaine C Smith, thelate great James Brown, clientsthroughout the UK as well as visitingtourists.Still details and pictures onGoogle.
  21. 21. DirectorWorldwide Air FreshenersJanuary 1997 – March 2004 (7 years 3months)Built the business from two(2) staff, to147, from a zero budget, within two(2)years.Exported the Famous Scottish Thistle CarAir Freshener and other products inAmerica, China, Europe, Ireland, etc.Created a franchise model in Leeds,Carlisle, Newcastle, Liverpool, Hull, etc.Donated over £130,000 to ChildlineScotland and Childline UK.Still Details and pictures on Google.DirectorThistle Company of Caledonia fromFebruary 1997 – January 2004 (7 years)
  22. 22. Promoted and expanded the business through 6 countries including, Canada, Ireland, America and Japan. Put forward by the TSB bank as young Entrepreneur of the year. Came in second place. Still Details and Pictures on Google.WEE BLAST FROM THE PAST 1997Capture the atmosphere of the Scottish countryside with your great value Daily Record.Weve got together with Scotlands newest success story - to give EVERY reader the chanceto claim a Scottish Thistle car air freshener - absolutelyFREE!Its your chance to wipe out whiffs and smother bad smells with the fresh fragrance of theHighlands!Available in four fragrances including Scottish Floral, Peppermint Piper, Lavender Heatherand Loch Ice, these great car air fresheners are a snip at only 99p.The company, set up just six months ago by husband and wife team Stephen and JudyLyall. The companyis already a booming business with a projected annual turnover ofpounds 5m in its first year.Stephen and Judy Lyall believed in their Scottish roots, and were sure the Scottish publicwould love the idea of carrying a Scottish Thistle car air freshener with then on journeys.Their hunch proved right, and very soon large supermarket chains and petrol stationsagreed to stock the product, including convenience store operators, Alldays.The Scottish Thistles success will also prove a boost to the childrens charity ChildLine,which receives 4 pence of every unit sold.And if business continues as well as it has, this year ChildLine can expect to receive morethan pounds 50,000, from sales of The Scottish Thistle.If you want to try one of these great car air fresheners for FREE, simply cut out todaysvoucher below, which includes Token One.Tomorrow well print Token Two. Once your voucher is complete with two separatelynumbered tokens, simply cut it out and take it along to any Alldays Store in Scotland,where it will be redeemed for a Scottish Thistle car air freshener, worth 99p.Catering for all your shopping needs, Alldays have 120 stores in Scotland, so theres boundto be one near you. To find your nearest store, please call. Then you can pick up yourScottish Thistle car air freshener absolutely FREE! !
  23. 23. John OBrien Profile Location: Glasgow Age: 39 ComedianSelf Employed ComedianJuly 1999 – Present (13 year 7 months)You Tube Linkshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7DYtSwzJQshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3W51FPEp9E : On How to Pull a BirdCreative Memory Training WorkshopsCreative Memory ScotlandJuly 2011 – Present (1 year 10 months)Scotland.CREATIVE MEMORY WORKSHOPS FORADULTS AND CHILDREN.Your personality, identity, what you do, what
  24. 24. you say, your thoughts, feelings, knowledge
  25. 25. and experience are all a function of yourability to remember. Yet for many of us ourminds are like a sieve and life passes us by -we miss the chance to develop our mind andaccomplish more in life because our memoryis letting us down. Yet our memory is capableof great things; it has simply not yet beentrained properly...Whether you have a poor or even a goodmemory, you will be astounded at thebenefits that memory development with theCreative Memory Workshop will have on yourpersonal and professional life. Imaginehaving powerful memory skills that enableyou to:Master the art of public speaking bymemorizing your entire speech with easeEnhance your ability to concentrate and payattentionRemember the names of people introducedto youImprove your knowledge and skills of yourjobBecome better at planning and organization.
  26. 26. Gavin Corlos-Moreton ProfileName: Gavin Corlos-MoretonLocation: EdinburghAge: 36Profession: Personal Trainer – Outdoor TrainingSpecialist – Natural Running CoachGavin’s experience in fitness training stems over17 years, his professional career started in 2007whilst training for the Parachute Regiment inScotland, of which he achieved the much sortafter red beret. His first professional client wasfor Skipper Leven Brown (Captain of LaMondiale) his responsibility was the organisationof a team building exercise for 14 burly OceanRowers. These men were preparing for a hugeevent, rowing from Cadiz in Spain to Trinidad,Tobago. Over 3000 miles of unsupported rowing,Gavin gave them something to remember him byand something to help build the bond that wouldsee them to not only complete the event, butachieve a triple world record in the process.
  27. 27. The End