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Convert pdf to word


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Convert pdf to word

  1. 1. Why Convert PDF to WordThe reason why we convert PDF to Word is PDF also has somedisadvantages such as limited OS support, difficult to read, withdifferent types, website compatibility and the most important factor– it’s difficult to edit. And MS Word is the most popular word-processing program not only because of the marketing juggernaut thatis Microsoft, but because it simplifies document creation. MS Word issimple enough to make quick personal letters and comprehensive enoughto produce complex technical manuals.How to Convert PDF to Word1, Convert PDF to Word OnlineThere are lots of free PDF to Word converter online. It’s veryconvenient to convert single file from PDF to Word. But these PDF toWord online converters have important limitations.a) It’s almost impossible to batch convert filesb) Internet in necessaryc) File edit or set parameters is not availabled) Not available to convert partial DPF filee) No special choice2, PDF to Word ConverterLots of freeware and shareware PDF converters are available in themarket. With competition getting tougher, some PDF converters withbad performance can not meet customers’ requirements. For businesspersons whose daily activity requires a lot of paperwork, a PDFconverter with high quality is necessary.
  2. 2. PDFZilla is a shareware PDF converting program with a number ofadvanced features.Feature 1:Only 3 simple steps to convert PDF to Word, rtf, text, image, html,swf1, Add file(s)2, Choose output format and output folder3, Convert
  3. 3. Feature 2:Enable batch conversion. Convert More Than 10,000,000 PDF Files toWord Documents at One Time.Feature 3:Page selection: Convert Selected Pages of PDF File to Word document.
  4. 4. Feature 4:Multi-language supported: Besides English, PDFZilla Also supportsGerman, French, Spanish, Italian and all Unicode Language PDF Files.Feature 5:Sound Reminder: After conversion is finished, a sound will give you areminder.Feature 6:Format Retain: The content of the output file is identical to that ofthe input file.Feature 7:Editable: Edit Your PDF Documents in MS Word!As a commercial PDF Converter, PDFZilla has a very low price. You cantake it with Only $29.95
  5. 5. Purchase PDFZilla Commercial Version – $49.95 Purchase PDFZilla Unlimited Version -$499