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5 free web authoring and design tools


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If you want to get your hands on some good Web tools without breaking the bank, these freebies will get you started.

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5 free web authoring and design tools

  1. 1. 5 Free Web Authoring and Design ToolsBy Ryan BoudreauxFor the newbie Web designer who is not entirely sure if this is the correct career path, or for theexperienced Web professional looking to economize, there’s a multitude of free tools out there.Inspired by an email inquiry from a TechRepublic member, I assembled this list of a few tools thathave little or no associated costs other than the required components to run Windows, Mac, or insome instances, Linux operating systems, an Internet connection, and an aptitude for learning newtools.Note: This list is based on an entry in our Web Master blog.1: HTML-KitYou can download and install HTML-Kit on your PC at no cost. You can also take advantage ofassorted plug-ins to enhance its capabilities.2: Komodo EditConsidered by some to be the best free XML editor available today, Komodo Edit runs onWindows, Mac, and Linux and includes a lot of features for HTML and CSS development andcoding design. It also offers many extensions, along with add-ons for languages and specialcharacters. It might not be the best HTML editor overall, but it’s at the top of the pack for theprice. You can download Komodo Edit from ActiveState.3: First PageFirst Page comes bundled with more than 450 JavaScripts and syntax highlights for Perl, CSS,HTML, CF, ASP, and SSI. It allows you to store your own code snippets in the myCode Library.4: KompoZerKompoZer is another WYSIWYG Web page editor that combines Web authoring with Web filemanagement. Designed for ease of use, it’s ideal for nontechnical users who are new to HTMLand coding. KompoZer runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.5: Advanced Image EditorAlong with creating and authoring Web documents, a good Web developer needs to learn how tomanage and manipulate images. Several free online tools are available for editing photos. Onegood choice is Aviary’s Phoenix Advanced Image Editor.
  2. 2. This tool runs within the browser and offers functionality and editing features that are similar toexpensive desktop imaging software. It’s part of a free suite of online tools that includes screencapture, vector editor, effects editor, music creator, audio editor, image markup, and color editortools. The screenshot below is taken from the video tutorial “Unzipping a kitty.” Aviary offersquite a few tutorials for its various tools.Recommend Office .NET/Silverlight Component:Spire.XLS for .NET and SilverlightSpire.Office for .NET and SilverlightSpire.Doc for .NET and SilverlightSpire.PDF for .NETSpire.DataExport for .NET