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first documentary script


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Published in: Engineering
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first documentary script

  1. 1. DOCUMENTARY Written By stephen latchem Based on, if any PRODUCTION DRAFT Blue Revised Dec 09, 2014 16 Glisson Road Camnridge CB1 2HD Address Phone Number 0773855497
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. 2A EXT. RAILWAY CROSSING -1. * * Opening shot of across a field in overcast weather. * Coming in from the right to left a white train goes past. whites out screen leaves the Title "Writers" * Radio conversation starts starts over the shot. LOCAL RESISDENT * "Just let pest control deal with * them in the same way they deal with other vermin. That would solve most the problem. Although this problem will probably never dissapeare completely." * DISSOLVE TO * EXT. WAREHOUSE-2. * * BIG sitting on table in warehouse with a bottle of beer in * his hand. Shutters are left slightly open so light streams * in * * * BIG As long as i remember its been in my family. My dad used to do it. I guess it was inevitable that it would transfer into me. * CUT TO: * * ROAD BRIDGE OVER THE RAILWAY3. * Back of the head of QUIR in shot. He is looking out over the * railway as a train goes by. * *
  4. 4. 2B QUIR I remember seeing all these pieces looking out the window when i was a little kid. Since then i was hooked. *
  5. 5. 3 PHOTOGRAPHS FADE INTO THE SCREEN, 6 SHOWN.TRAINS, CREW4. * PHOTOS AND PIECES. * CUT TO: * INT. WAREHOUSE-5. * Big sitting in warehouse. Light from shutters creates a * sillouhet of him. * INTERVIEWER * What do you think the reason is for you painting and for doing it so long? BIG I think its the same for most * writers. When you start its near impossible to stop * CUT TO: * * INT. TRAIN6. * Quir looking out of train window. Pieces of graffiti going * past the window. * QUIR * I probabaly started when i was * about twelve. I started with pens * and stickers rather than paint. * CUT TO: * * EXT. UNDER MILTON RAILWAY BRIDGE -7. * Big standing in front of some railway tracks. Tracks * continue into the distance with Big standing to the right. * Interviewer * What kind of person do you think it takes to be a graffiti writer. DO you think there is a formula * BIG I think its someone who gets joy out of seeing their name up. They get self satisfaction from seeing (MORE)
  6. 6. 4 it. But also someone who just want to have fun and destroy stuff. CUT TO: * INT. HOUSE-8. * Shot of white piece of paper and Big writing his name on the * paper. * INTERVIEWER So do you think everyone who writes is the same type of person? * BIG In some way yeah. But it you get a ridiculous range of people doing it. I guess everyone just wants to be famous CUT TO: * * EXT. FULBOURN, ROAD THOUGH FEILDS9. * Follow bikes biking down the road. Camera is on another bike * so shot is slightly shaky. * QUIR * You can meet writers that you * havent met before and you' ll * always have something in common * with them. You have a special bond. * CUT TO: * * EXT. FULBOURN FIELD NEXT TO RAILWAY BRIDGE-10. * Quir sitting on fence next to the railway track in a field. * This is the spot. It was winter 2009 we painted this. That was when i was 17. Since then i've been through a lot.. CUT TO: *
  7. 7. 4A 11. * 10 photos shown. Shots of train pieces and Other crew photos * * DISSOLVE TO * EXT. UNDER NORWICH RAILWAY AND RIVER BRIDGE12. * Quir sitting on a slope underneath a bridge. * .QUIR * I met joe when i was 17. We were both already painting but the * really got me into doing it more and especially trains. * (CONTINUES WITH STORY of how he met * BIG ) * Shows Picture of first piece together * CUT TO: * EXT. WAREHOUSE13. * Dark warehouse. * QUIR Writing has changed my life. Its created new friends. Opened my mind and given me chances to travel and (MORE)
  8. 8. 5 given me many good memories EXT. MILL ROAD LEGAL GRAFFITI WALL14. * Big standing in front of wall. * CUT TO: * BIG Some of my best friends i have met through writing. I have all the photos and each one reminds me of a different mission Different stories. Some good ones and some shit ones also. * CUT TO * Radio Dialogue spoken over pictures appearing on the screen * RADIO INTERVIEW The extent of the damage caused by the gang began to unravel after BTP officers apprehended them on April 11 2010, as they returned from spraying a bridge. Martin and Smith were stopped in their car and officers found them covered in paint and in possession of spray cans. Later, evidence from the scene was forensically analysed and Mayne's fingerprints were matched to the cans recovered. Photos of all the pieces they have flash across the screen. DISSOLVE TO * EXT. NORWICH ROAD BRIDGE NIGHT15. * Dark shot with lamppost light illuminating Quir and big * sitting side by side on a small wall. * QUIR We had parked up next to this (MORE)
  9. 9. 5A bridge in the middle of no where. QUIR (CONT'D) It seemed like the calmest spot. No one expected to get caught. BIG Its changed my life a lot getting caught. It means i wont be able to as much as i would like to or used to. CUT TO: *
  10. 10. 6 EXT. NIGHT FULBOURN BRIDGE16. Close up of bag resting on a wall. Cans of paint are * sticking out. * POLICEMAN Stop, Police! CUT TO: * EXT. MILL ROAD-LATE EVENING17. * Trains can be seen coming past in the background under the * bridge. * BIG We got 200 hours community service, 2 years suspended sentence. And * 5000 pound fine. QUIR I was always paronoid about getting * caught. I never wanted to get caught because i always wanted to do more. * BIG It really made me sort my life out. I have a girlfriend now and went off to uni so yeah i think the judge made the right decision * QUIR Yeah i do think i got off lightly and i thought i would be able to because the the judge had a smile on his face. BIG I was fucking relieved that we didn't have to go to cort on that * day was a nice thing. CUT TO: * QUIR I was delighted. Apart from my * family i don't care about the * consequences. *
  11. 11. 6A Camera turns towards the sun setting and holds the shot ad * music faded in the shot dissolves and credits roll in *
  12. 12. 7 ***. * * *