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Ecommerce Presentation


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Prepared by Stephen Kurnia for Primary School Teacher in Papua

Published in: Education
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Ecommerce Presentation

  1. 1. B2B and B2C E-Commerce
  2. 2. Market Place vs Direct Model eCommerce marketplace : brands sell their products wholesale in an online marketplace right alongside their competitors. The Direct Model : involves a brand creating a B2B eCommerce portal dedicated only to their products.
  3. 3. Market Place The idea behind multi-vendor sites is to allow people, or companies, to create profiles and post their products for sale. Increased Visibility, Fierce Competition Discoverability and Competition
  4. 4. Market Place
  5. 5. Market Place
  6. 6. Market Place
  7. 7. Market Place
  8. 8. The Differences The Pricing Game Scale New Customer Acquisition Brand Equity
  9. 9. The Direct Model Full Service, Ultimate Brand Control Distraction – Free Buying Full Service & Ownership Personalization Customer Relationship Control over the Brand Experience
  10. 10. Direct Model
  11. 11. Direct Model
  12. 12. Hosted E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software (more user-friendly) vs Self Hosted Open Source E-commerce Software (more advance)
  13. 13. Hosted E-Commerce Shopping Cart Software You dont want to worry about hosting, security or any technical aspects of running your online store You want a turn-key solution, ready-to-use immediately You want to be able to build your website using simple click and drag - and no coding skills
  14. 14. Hosted E-Commerce
  15. 15. Self Hosted Open Source E-commerce Software Stand-alone program Heavily customized - Flexibility Open Cart Prestashop Magento Zen Cart Spree Drupal OS Commerce Simple Cart Woo Commerce WP- Ecommerce
  16. 16. Critical Success Factors in eCommerce & E-Business Web Traffic User-Friendly Website Build Reputation and Establish Credibility Clear Value Proposition
  17. 17. Creating a Successful E- Business Warrantees and Returns Size, Price and Product Info Functions and Features Long-Term Use and Upgradability Social-Cultural Considerations Testimonials Shipping Strength Contact Information
  18. 18. Membuka Lapak
  19. 19. Market Place
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  21. 21. Thankyou Information System Dept BINUS University