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Stephen Kim Home Page


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Stephen Kim Home Page

  1. 1. Stephen Kim Home PageTake Care of Yourself and Your Family.Welcome to our site. Our goal is to give you a simple overview of what can sometimes feel likea very complicated process—consumer bankruptcy. No marketing hype or scare tacticshere—just useful information.That said, reading websites is no substitute for having an experienced attorney review yourspecific situation to help you understand the available options so you can decide what’s bestfor your family. We know you have many choices for bankruptcy attorneys in Salinas and hopeto have the opportunity to assist you. Contact Us Today[/video_text][/video_left][callout1] The Law Offices of Stephen H. Kim, Attorney at Law Provides Skilled Representation and Advice You Can Trust.[/callout1][testimonial_wrap][testimonial]I know Stephen to be an excellent thinker/analyzer, capable of reducing the overlyabstract legal situation to something within mortal grasp. He is solutions oriented and alwaysstrives to serve the best interests of his clients. Stephen is an excellent attorney withexceptionally high integrity.[client_name]M.S., Google Places[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]Steve takes a complex and often frightening financial circumstance and not onlyprovides relief and guidance through the system, but plain English explanation of the process!And here’s something his competition doesn’t do – he actually returns phone calls AFTERyou’ve filed bankruptcy, so you don’t feel stranded. Couldn’t be more pleased with therepresentation.[client_name]Gavin, Google Places[/client_name][/testimonial][testimonial]A lawyer who actually talks to his clients without making them feel stupid! Handled aChapter 13 for me and I couldn’t be happier. Very friendly, smart and easy to talkto.[client_name]Taedra, Google Places[/client_name][/testimonial][/testimonial_wrap][frame style="modern" image_path="" link_to_page=""target="" description="" size="four_col_large"]Chapter 7 1/3
  2. 2. The simplest and easiest form of consumer bankruptcy for those individuals who qualify.Read More[frame style="modern" image_path=""link_to_page="" target="" description="" size="four_col_large"]Chapter 13Longer and more complicated than Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but offering distinct advantages forthe right people.Read More[frame style="modern" image_path="" link_to_page=""target="" description="" size="four_col_large"]FAQsFrequently Asked Questions about consumer bankruptcy, including Chapter 13 and Chapter 7.Read More[frame style="modern" image_path="" link_to_page=""target="" description="" size="four_col_large"]En EspañolSi está siendo hostigado por agencias de cobranzas; si siente que se ahoga en un océano dedeudas…Read More 2/3
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