Engaging the Long Tail -Part One - FACVB


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An overview of the long tail of travel and travel social media. You\'ll get some insight into what makes social media work, why it has caught on, and how you can use these new tools and technologies to promote your destination.

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Engaging the Long Tail -Part One - FACVB

  1. ENGAGING THE LONG TAIL Using the Power of User Generated Content & Social Media to Market Travel Stephen Joyce CEO Sentias Software Corp.
  2. Who is Stephen Joyce? President & CEO of Sentias President of IFITT North America Executive Committee of Canadian E-Tourism Council Chair North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce Publisher of the Tips from the T-List Avid Travel Industry Blogger 14 Years of Internet Consulting Experience
  4. what is the LONG TAIL?
  5. selling less of less more
  6. NICHE
  7. “ We sold more books today that didn't sell at all yesterday than we sold today of all the books that did sell yesterday.” Amazon Employee Longtail.typepad.com
  8. HUH ?
  9. I AM THE LONG TAIL The long tail is about catering to individual taste & desire through abundance of choice.
  10. CTC Explorer quotient is one way of catering to travel motivators.
  11. LONG TAIL OF TRAVEL Experiences and destinations that cater to a traveler's specific needs or desires.
  12. Adventure Wine Culinary Art River
  13. LONG TAIL EXAMPLE Environmentally conscious family wants a sightseeing tour at their destination in a green vehicle.
  15. YES, IT CAN WORK... ... the product inventory exists and can be available for search and purchase ONLINE. IF
  16. NICHE IN CHINA If you're one in a million, there are still a thousand of you.
  18. is ? social media WHAT
  19. “ Social computing is not a fad. Nor is it something that will pass you or your company by. Gradually, social computing will impact almost every role, at every kind of company, in all parts of the world.” Forrester Research Social Computing
  20. of ? social media ASPECTS
  21. PARTICIPATION Encourages feedback from everyone! Audience = Contributor
  22. TRANSPARENCY Openness, sharing, comments are encouraged. Fakers will be caught!
  23. CONVERSATION Social media is a conversation not a monologue.
  24. COMMUNITY Promote common interests and foster sharing of information and opinions.
  25. CONNECTIONS Social media is by definition, connected to people, sites, and resources.
  26. LIKE WHAT ?
  27. Find people who offer up their couches to travelers.
  28. Share travel experiences and find people with similar interests at your destination.
  29. Meet other travelers, share tips, create travel blogs.
  30. Open hotel, destination, attraction, & cruise reviews, with photo sharing, and comments.
  31. Hotel reviews from travelers with Meta-search.
  32. SO WHAT ?
  33. ... and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. 113 Million Blogs
  34. ... watched everyday on YouTube. 100 Million Videos
  35. ... on Facebook 80 Million Users
  36. ... on MySpace 185 Million Users
  37. BUT WHY ?
  38. Humans are SOCIAL
  39. We live in COMMUNITIES
  40. We share EXPERIENCES
  41. We seek COMPANIONS
  42. Social networks let us be human
  43. ... only more efficiently
  44. Remember slide shows?
  46. NOW WHAT ?
  47. JOIN IN 350+ Social Networks
  48. By participating, you... establish your expertise
  49. Darren Cronian, from the U.K., has built a strong reputation as a consumer travel advocate.
  50. By being open, you... build credibility
  51. Bill Marriott's blog is considered one of the best corporate blogs in the travel industry.
  52. By contributing, you... demonstrate generosity
  53. Claude Bernard, from France, is a great resource for interviews and insight in travel marketing.
  54. By being community minded, you... continue the conversation
  55. Tips from the T-List brings travel bloggers together and promotes discussion and debate.
  56. By sharing, you... feed the web
  57. The T4 blog is #3 on page 1 of Google for 5.5 Million results.
  58. BUT HOW ?
  59. Share your words Start sharing your experiences and traveler experiences using a blogging platform like blogger.com or wordpress.com.
  61. Share your pictures Use flickr.com to host photos of your destination or tours. Write short but detailed descriptions. Use relevant keywords.
  62. 314,000 Photos tagged with “British Columbia”
  63. Share your videos Use YouTube.com to host and share your marketing videos, tv spots, interviews, and more. Add descriptions and keywords.
  64. 23,000 Videos tagged with Calgary
  65. BECOME THE AUTHORITY Tag your text, photos, and videos so that you become the authority for your destination or travel product.
  66. Who owns your destination?
  67. perception IS reality ONLINE
  69. DESTINATIONS Encourage local tour, activity, and event providers to make their products available for search and purchase on-line.
  70. RETAILERS Encourage your suppliers to make their products available for search and purchase on-line.
  71. SUPPLIERS Get your products on-line and in a format that is searchable and can be distributed ONLINE.
  73. Like user generated content. Suppliers control the content, pricing, & inventory. Content is consistent across multiple distribution channels. SGC
  74. Like traditional media. Content is controlled by the aggregator. Aggregators tightly control distribution. AGC
  75. REDUCE : Duplication RE-USE : Existing Content RECYCLE : Your assets
  76. WHAT TO DO ?
  77. CONTENT it is all about
  78. Improving information Relevance (fit) & trust can increase shopper satisfaction & improve loyalty. Effect of Utilitarian & Hedonic Motivations on Consumer Satisfaction with Travel Websites. University of Central Florida, Ohio State University Information Technology & Tourism, Vol. 10 pp. 75 - 89
  79. ENGAGE your stakeholders
  80. LEAD by example
  81. Banff Lake Louise has a “Share Your Story” section that allows visitors to submit photos and videos.
  82. SHARE your assets
  83. CTC uses CleanPix.com to host digital images and video that can be shared on-line.
  84. DISCOVER your audience
  85. READ what they read
  86. COMMENT on interesting posts
  87. CONNECT with your audience
  88. BUILD something for THEM
  89. INVITE them to help you
  90. INVITE feedback
  91. RESPOND to feedback ... always
  92. and always
  93. ALWAYS !
  94. STAY
  96. tourismtechnology.rezgo.com www.tipsfromthetlist.com www.rezgo.com