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PayrollHero TeamClock Infographic (compare)


Published on - PayrollHero TeamClock Infographic, see what it can do, compare to biometrics and bundy clocks and see why PayrollHero's TeamClock iOS is the best choice.

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PayrollHero TeamClock Infographic (compare)

  1. 1. of PayrollHero's TeamClock iOS Selfie Clock In/Out Change the way your employees clock in and out for work using PayrollHero's selfie based TeamClock. #Engagement EMPLOYEES MANAGERS KIOSK MODE View Schedules Employees can quickly view their schedules from the iPad so that they know what is expected of them. #Convenient Edit Schedules Managers are busy, but with PayrollHero's TeamClock iOS they can edit schedules on the fly. #Mobile BETA Customer Feedback Learn what your customers think of your workforce with our customer feedback tool. See which employees are most liked. #Feedback Apply for a Job Applicants can apply for work, digitally through the TeamClock Apply for a Job function that uses SMS and delivers their details to your HR electronically. #Recruit Why settle for a lesser experience? Why you should consider an iPad for your TeamClock? - Offline capabilities - Ability to restrict device to a single app (guided access) - Auto update TeamClock iOS app - Wifi and cellular option - PayrollHero releases new feature to iOS first But you can get started right away PayrollHero supports the following Contact PayrollHero today International : Singapore : Philippines :