PayrollHero Overview


Published on - A quick overview of PayrollHero's time and attendance platform.

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PayrollHero Overview

  1. 1. Vision PayrollHero is a Consumer friendly Time, Attendance, Scheduling (TAS) and Payroll Platform in the cloud for web and mobile. PayrollHero: Revolutionizing HR Management for Emerging Markets “ “ The PayrollHero Platform uses facial recognition paired with GPS readings to assure clients the right employee is at the right place at the right time eliminating the possibility of ghost employees, buddy punching , time stealing and other forms of fraud and mismanagement that negatively
  2. 2. Problem Currently emerging market SMEs are underserviced or not serviced at all with adequate time, attendance and scheduling(TAS) and payroll solutions HR managers are stuck with using excel, punch cards, inadequate biometrics, heavy paperwork, tracking changes on their own and are left worried about compliance with their national departments of labor standards Mismanagement, miscommunication, confusion, fraud and loses
  3. 3. Critical Questions for HR Managers Can’t be Answered So HR managers largely use trust systems, relationships and intuition rather than data to make decisions… Why is HR burning through resources at such high levels?“ “ Are my employees are at the correct work sites at the appropriate times? “ “ How can we get a real time snap shot of our employees TAS compliance? “ “ How can I motivate TAS compliance from my employees without being the viewed as the bad guy? “ “ Are we compliant with the latest regulations?“ “ How can we hire better based “ “ How can I best manage all employee data and journal TAS infractions? “ “ How can I best manage payroll deductions?“ “ What is the best way to control and monitor the termination of employees to best protect the Company and be compliant with regulators? “ “
  4. 4. TIME ATTENDANCE SCHEDULING PAYROLL ANALYTICS Late Early Overtime The PayrollHero Platform Addresses These Challenges Employees clock in/out using tablets, smart phones or camera and location both the employee and HR Manager if infractions occur HR managers can monitor employee attendance in real time and use the interface to resolve infractions for late clock ins/absences, overtime, early clock outs or other irregularities Designs a simple schedule viewable for both employees and HR managers that can handle multiple worksites, split shifts and part timers Complete automation of the payroll process taking into account all TAS infractions to the second, holiday/overtime/bonus pay, holiday pooled time, allowances/deductions and any bank transfers Both employees and HR managers can view analytics of their own performance vs their colleagues and HR managers can use the data to shape HR policies and new hires as well as other business intelligence