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PayrollHero - Philippine Payroll Software

  1. 1. Employees are one of the most important stakeholders in your Business Optimize Their Productivity and Happiness and Everyone Will Reap the Benefits Payroll HeroTM
  2. 2. From new business leaders to experienced veterans, everyone will agree keeping employees engaged is crucial to a successful operation. However, nobody will stick around when they are not being paid for their efforts in a way that is dependable and timely. At the end of the day it is sometimes the most overlooked features of a business that hold the most weight. PayrollHero understands how difficult and stressful it can be to maintain and organize the payroll for a growing company so we created the solution out of our own woes in prior companies. Using customized software built for web and mobile, our talented Software Developers and Client Happiness Team ensure your complicated payroll services are streamlined into a user friendly flexible system that controls all tasks and details with ease and extreme efficiency so that you can continue to focus on your business. PayrollHero took our payroll processing time from 700 employees from 16 days to 5 minutes. Walden Chu | CEO Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines Experienced business professionals want task objectives to be done correctly the first time and be dependable. Before using PayrollHero, Walden Chu used 4 other payroll vendors trying to solve the issues that plagued his business for so long including multiple location discrepancies, ghost employees, inaccurate and missing time attendance sheets and frustrated employees. After turning to PayrollHero, Walden says : PayrollHero not only addressed those issues, they delivered so much more. The insights we’ve been able to glean as an organization from the business intelligence and analytics capabilities, PayrollHero has simply been a game changer. We have a more engaged workforce, more productive employees, lower turnover, and a stronger company culture. “ “ ” ”
  3. 3. PayrollHero enables your employees to self manage and regulate their pay stubs, benefits, mailing and contact information, document requirements and vacation hours all at their disposal. This allows your HR or payroll manager to have their time freed up from mundane tasks required by current outdated platforms. As an account holder you can easily determine and control which employees/supervisors have access to certain data and specific permission parameters. With your company growing rapidly, PayrollHero makes it incredibly easy to add, manage and edit details for new and existing employees which can be an HR nightmare for multi branch operations and seasonal staff fluxuations. Making the shift to our platform has enabled the employees to be paid quicker and more dependable as pay stubs are now accessible via email and their PayrollHero accounts rather than the previous method of delivering physical paystubs which added an extreme level of effort that we helped eliminate. The deliverable data and condensed information that PayrollHero provides has been a true asset to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines for deriving originally unseen and valuable data into sound business decisions and direction. The company reported a savings of X US a month on top of all the tangible benefits. Committed to changing the way payroll is done, PayrollHero proves that user benefits can exceed expectations while saving money and time. One of the problems as a founder of company with tremendous growth was of course dealing with growing staff and having to manage all their aspects of HR... Its a big challenge to cope with all the tasks and responsibilities as an employer and the accounting team of course to keep track of all these necessities so we ultimately decided to go with PayrollHero because it made our life so much easier in terms of HR and managing people. Ralph Manalo Wunsch | Founder “ ” PayrollHero utilizes Cloud technology effectively eliminating the need to get additional hardware. This allows access to multiple individuals from multiple devices possible and transparent as well as paperless to help save company expenses and push environmental efforts. The highly capable software lets cross departments for example run and change scheduling mid week while the employee hours and company analytics update in real time. This makes it easy and efficient for HR and management to review budget orientated data as well as employees get notified of changes in their schedule instantaneously. To make things sweeter, the secure storage and scalable factor that the cloud provides let you manage all these aspects of your business from any computer anywhere in the world.
  4. 4. The biggest return on investment benefit Ive seen with PayrolHero is it has dramatically reduced the time and effort it takes to calculate our payroll every 2 weeks, in addition it has minimized the errors in payroll calculation that I often encountered before I started using PayrollHero. With PayrollHero what our employees get is an accurate representation of their salary every two weeks and it frees up the time of my accountant to do important tasks for my company. Paul Rivera | Owner and CEO “ ” The employee time and attendance mobile app TeamClock and MyClock for desktop has ensured not only that employees are being accurately tracked for payroll but it also keeps a useable dialogue of data for interpretation and key performance indicators. This feature transforms a mundane and outdated process into a socially engaging welcome to your work. Being able to track specific employee patterns and scheduling processes has enabled the business to run as lean as possible preventing unnecessary overtime and spotting understaffed situations before they arise. All the data captured can be printed in a PDF and Excel format report at your discretion. We recognized a problem companies of all sizes suffer of employees clocking in for other colleagues or non-current ghost employees. “Globally, 74% of organizations experience payroll losses directly related to buddy punching” Nucleus Research, an IT advisory and research service. Thanks to the use of biometrics this expensive loss of company money is eliminated. Our app captures the face of someone clocking in and verifies it is in fact the correct person clocking in at the right time in the right place. With our application employees have a chance to engage with the employer and take a funny picture with colleagues all clocking in simultaneously or to let management know they are less than thrilled to be starting work. Issues can be prevented when a proactive look into an employees mood is a result of taking initiative into finding why staff members are for example happy or sad on a rainy tuesday versus group lunch on friday. The software also enables employees in a frequently moving position to track hours from remote locations with exact IP address and GPS locations being recorded simultaneously. This is a true asset for companies with traveling employees and positions that require you to be in multiple locations within an office building. As a manager, you can have the comfort of reviewing your payroll delivery, who is currently working, late or switching shifts in real time from your office or the other side of the globe. This level of data and control is leading the new paradigm shift of technology assisting business and PayrollHero is at the forefront of the movement with a team ready to revolutionize your business.
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