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PayrollHero Time, Attendance and Scheduling


Published on - PayrollHero Time, Attendance and Scheduling works for companies anywhere in the world.

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PayrollHero Time, Attendance and Scheduling

  1. 1. PayrollHero is a Consumer-friendly Time, Attendance, Scheduling and Payroll app that is in the cloud built for web and mobile. Time and Attendance in the Cloud PayrollHero's flexible and mobile web-based time and attendance solution automates the process of clocking in and out of any size business. It is fully integrated with payroll and uses your policies to accurately compute your employees' pay. PayrollHero also streamlines the scheduling process by allowing you to quickly input and change work shifts, ensuring that your business is efficiently staffed at all times and prevents any unnecessary overtime as well. Available Worldwide PayrollHero's time and attendance solution is now available to businesses and government agencies anywhere in the world. Reports PayrollHero produces numerous reports based on your employees’ time and attendance, worksites, and much more. iPhone MyTimeClock and iPad TimeClock PayrollHero’s MyTimeclock for the iPhone and TimeClock for the iPad allow your employees to use today’s technology to clock in and out quickly and efficiently. Copyright 2013 PayrollHero PTE.LTD. Multiple Worksites PayrollHero enables any business with more than one location to easily collect and manage employee time and attendance information from all worksites at once. Facial Recognition PayrollHero utilizes facial recognition technology to ensure that the right employee is in the right place at the right time, eliminating buddy punching and ghost employees. Location Awareness PayrollHero can track the IP and GPS location of the employee clock ins and outs as well as allow management to restrict where employees can clock in and out.