9 Ways To Promote Your Restaurant In The Philippines (PayrollHero.ph)


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9 Ways To Promote Your Restaurant In The Philippines (PayrollHero.ph)

  1. 1. DEALS Being easy to find online with customer reviews helps legitimize your operation and specific feedback of previous patrons can help attract more customers. Leverage popular services like munchpunch.com and looloo.com to drive traffic to your restaurant. Get email addresses through a simple offering such as the chance to win a meal for 2 free if you provide your contact info or calling card. Do you have a fantastic choice of different beers or bbq flavoured dishes? Try hosting a tasting event that allows people to try them all and meet new friends. Successful restaurants create events or offer their location as a way to bring in patrons. Create a contest that engages your patrons to utilize your social media channels. How about a photo contents where they post photos to your Facebook page? Use offline methods to bring them online, like table signage. Social media tools are an essential part of your business to reaching more people, creating more awareness and getting involved in the conversation. Don’t just blast information about your business, get involved in the conversation. iPad @ Email newsletters help you send large email blasts to segmented groups and keep in touch with previous customers. This also helps with gaining feedback about your service, menu items, hours and much more. NEW contest SOCIAL MEDIA Use daily deals websites to place content on their consumer focused apps and sites. This helps people who are looking for a good deal find your restaurant. A community that has great restaurants and culture is where you will grow the most. Talk to your neighboring businesses to see if a joint promotion could be possible such as partnering with a movie theater to offer a dinner and a movie. Last and most importantly, have a website! A source for all the information that pertains to your company including required details like address, hours and menu. For bonus points, ensure your site works well on a mobile device as that is where high percent of your web traffic will come from. Event planners, charities, businesses, etc are always looking for great venues to host their gatherings, think about how your space can accommodate groups on your slow nights. % + @ % Made with love by PayrollHero.ph