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  • The everglades has a large variety of snakes, birds, and mammals that are native to Florida and some that are not like the Burmese python, which is having an adverse effect on the native species.
  • Everglades national Park has many different ecosystems within the confines of the park. The everglades also has many large swamps within these different ecosystems
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  • everglades national park_stephen_hong

    1. 1. EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK By: Stephen Hong
    2. 2.  The Everglades is located in the United States  The park encompasses 1.5 million acres in southern Florida  The Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico are on either side.
    3. 3. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES YOU CAN DO IN THE EVERGLADES FISHING You can fish on the many ponds and lakes in the Everglades HIKING There are many short hikes you can go on or you can take a longer hike with a guide CAMPING There are two drive up campgrounds and a number of backcountry campsites in the park.
    4. 4. BOATING IN THE EVERGLADES  Florida Bay has over ½ million acres of protected waterways  You can Kayak, Canoe, fish and enjoy a boat ride.  You can rent a Airboat to explore the inland marshes of the Everglades
    5. 5. Popular Hiking Trails Anhinga Trail Snake Bight Trail Tram Road
    6. 6. Wild life of the Everglades
    7. 7. MICRO ECOSYSTEMS OF THE EVERGLADES • Cypress Forests • Prairies • Hardwood Hammocks • Pinelands • Estuaries
    8. 8. VISITOR DEMOGRAPHICS BY AGE TO THE EVERGLADES Age Group 11 25 35 49 15 and younger 16-48 46-70 70 and over
    9. 9. PERCENTAGE OF U.S VISITORS BY STATE State # of individuals % of U.S. visitors % of total visitors Florida 472 34 30 N.Y. 95 7 6 Michigan 80 6 5 Illiniois 63 5 4 Minn 54 4 3 California 49 4 3 Pennsylvania 49 4 3 Ohio 46 3 3 Wisconsin 42 3 3
    10. 10. HISTORY OF THE EVERGLADES The Everglades was established as a national park in 1947 before that, early settlers drained most of the flow from Lake Ocheekobee for farmland. The Seminole Indians once controlled most of the area surrounding and including the Everglades.
    11. 11. WHY WOULD I WANT TO VISIT THE EVERGLADES? Hike through the Mangrove Swamps See an American Alligator Boat through the hundreds of miles of different waterways in the Park See a real swamp See all of the tropical plants and birds