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Carbon Sequestering legacy from Sport Event


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This info graphic explains how to use a sport event to sequester carbon and create a legacy that kicks off a circular economy.

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Carbon Sequestering legacy from Sport Event

  1. 1. , Sports Events BASELINE The London Olympics: Carbon Dioxide Electricity Hot Water Fuel Biogas, Digested waste Biochar Biochar plus digested waste = fertilizer Biochar Sequesters carbon in soil BIOGAS DIGESTER BIOCHAR MACHINE Other Wet, organic waste like food Dry organic waste like paper and wood Waste from the event and city Biogas Currently, 75% of waste is dumped in landfill, a lot of it illegally. GREENING From digestion of wet organic waste from city BiocharSequestration Packaging Biogas Fuel Production gives char, heat and electricity Soil improvement products containing carbon sequester for thousands of years Comes from people travelling to the area Dry waste from wood and paper packaging is charred and sequestered to compensate travel emissions from biogas powers agriculture and rest of food production chain Creating a legacy Infrastructure loans Legacy fund Sequestration Contracts Funding Capacity Building CO2 > > > C > Soil improvement > sequestration Green jobs……………………………………………………………………………. Services Legacy fund Collects funds as pre—payment for carbon dioxide sequestration- paid back with profits from services Services From waste stream comes energy, carbon for sequestration and soil improvement products Benefits • creates green jobs • zero net emissions of carbon • increases soil productivity • lasting legacy of green economy The London reference footprint (olympics)is 3,4MtCO2e Spectator air travel is 345kt CO2e FIGURES 3 million ticketed spectators at the London Olympics generated a huge waste stream With the price of Co2 at 12-20 Euro per ton the total carbon budget for an event is billions of Euros for air travel alone