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Rob Hopkins' Transition Cookbook


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Rob explains how Transition is set of ingredients and treats us to insights into how initiatives are developing in the UK.

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Rob Hopkins' Transition Cookbook

  1. 1. Transition as Cookery:Assembling theingredients ofcommunityresilience.15th June 2011. RESOLVE conferenceRob HopkinsTransition Network
  2. 2. “It is not like an ordinary recession where youlose output and get it back quickly. You maynot get it back for many years, if ever, andthat is a big long-run loss of living standardsfor all people in this country.” Mervyn King, Governor, Bank of England, March 2011
  3. 3. Transition as...• Transition as an inner process• Transition as leading by practical example...• Transition as an approach rooted in place and circumstance...• Transition as a tool for turning problems into solutions...• Transition as a cultural shift...• Transition as an economic process....• Transition as a storyteller...
  4. 4. Coming Together as Groups (Belsize, London).
  5. 5. Community brainstorming tools (Stoke Newington, London).
  6. 6. Inclusion and diversityTransition Town Tooting’s Trashcatchers’ Carnival...
  7. 7. Visioning and Backcasting (Koganei, Japan)
  8. 8. Engaging the Local Council‘Towards a Resilient Taunton Deane’: October 2009
  9. 9. Practical manifestationsTransition Belsize’s ‘Draught Busters’
  10. 10. Practical ManifestationsTransition Malvern Hills’ ‘Gasketeers’.
  11. 11. Unleashings!The first Unleashing in a Brazilian favela....
  12. 12. Local food initiativesTransition Town Tooting’s annual ‘Foodival’
  13. 13. Local food initiativesTransition Town Forres’s community garden.
  14. 14. Speaking up for Transition‘Transition Endorsements’: Malvern Hills Unleashing.
  15. 15. Education in TransitionTransition Newent work with their local school to support them in teaching food growing...
  16. 16. Ensuring land accessTransition Dorchester’s new community farm
  17. 17. Social enterpriseTransition Town Kingston’s ‘From the Ground Up’ food co-op
  18. 18. Social enterpriseTransition Marsden and Slaithwaite’s Community Shop
  19. 19. Community supported farms, bakeries and breweriesThe Handmade Bakery: a subscription based bakery
  20. 20. Community supported farms, bakeries and breweriesTransition Town Topsham’s ‘Topsham Ales’ community brewery
  21. 21. Energy Resilience AssessmentsA tool developed by Transition Training and Consulting...
  22. 22. Tools for plugging the leaksThe Mayor of Brixton unveils the Brixton Pound
  23. 23. Community renewable energy companiesThe Lewes Community Solar Power Station
  24. 24. Strategic thinkingTransition Norwich’s CSA farm
  25. 25. Strategic local infrastructureTransition Town Portobello’s new market, Edinburgh.
  26. 26. Totnes
  27. 27. The ‘Totnes, the nut tree capital of Britain’ project, planting hybrid walnut and almond trees, sponsored by local businesses
  28. 28. ‘Garden Share’ schemes matchpeople who want to garden withthose who have unused gardenspace
  29. 29. Transition Town Totnes celebrate being one of DECC’s ‘Low Carbon Communities’, an award of £625,000 for ‘Transition Streets’
  30. 30. The UK’s first community-generated ‘Energy Descent Plan’, produced in Totnes.
  31. 31. ATMOS Project in Totnes,seeking to develop a 8 acre site for the community.
  32. 32. or follow me on Twitter @robintransition . Coming soon! The Transition Companion