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Week2 public speaking_stephen_hawkins


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Week2 public speaking_stephen_hawkins

  1. 1. Larry Smith Ted Talk
  2. 2. Larry Smithis an economic professor at the University of Waterloo, well known storyteller and youth advocate.
  3. 3. His Ted talk is titled“Why you will fail to have a great career”
  4. 4. His talk was very easy to listen too, great loud voice control and very motivating. The title sounds negative and scary but the talk only gives drive.
  5. 5. Success vs. FailPassion vs. InterestLarry goes over how we will fail to succeed if wedo not follow our passion. Talking about our lifegoals and our inevitable out come to fail toachieve our dreams if we do not take charge. Hediscusses the excuses we give ourselves as peoplewhen we are afraid to follow our dreams.It was easy for the audience to be drawn in byhow blunt Mr. Smith delivered his speech.His speech was dry and blunt, yet funny and quick.
  6. 6. Larry follows the TedCommandments. Not onlyto dream big but to reallyPeruse your passion.I believe he was very simplewith what he was explaining.He used a few examples to get his point across very nicely.
  7. 7. His Dynamics I give a 4/5Larry Smith is very dramatic is demeanor. With timely pauses in his speech, it keeps listeners wanting more. Larry commands the stage like a mad scientist would.
  8. 8. Message DeliveryLarry Smith delivers his message in a very strong passionate voice. He is animated andquick witted. Throwing dart after dart at parents, and children alike who are doomedto fail to be happy. It might seem harsh at times but after listening to the talk in itsentirety one can see Smith offers more solutions then judgments.
  9. 9. Ken RobinsonKen Robinson’s talk was titled “Schools Kill Creativity”
  10. 10. Robinson’s Ted talk was veryEntertaining. From the beginning youare completely engaged. His cheeryaccent only adds to the attentiondemanding demeanor any Publicspeaker needs.He talks about the creativity lostwhen children go through schoolsystems.
  11. 11. Brief ComparisonLarry and Ken have a very differentmessage to convey.While Ken seems more cheery then Larrythey both command attention from theaudience.Ken a little more happy humor, while Larryis more blunt.
  12. 12. Key DifferenceLarry talks mostly about passion over interest.Ken talks about child like creativity.
  13. 13. I think both men delivered their talks brilliantly. I fell like I took away a lot, andand can apply them to my creative life. Robinson kept me laughing, smiling,and wanting more.
  14. 14. Larry delivered his talk with much charisma. Talking almost sinister and sort offrightening at times. Smith made me want to prove theworld wrong, andfollow my passion.If you can’t handle the truth Larry Smith’s Ted talk is not for you.
  15. 15. In Conclusion…I feel like I learned a lot from both speakers. Hold on to your creativity and find yourpassion.
  16. 16. Final thoughts….To anyone giving a speech I would say take yourtime. Stay calm, speak clear, and keep it simplyentertaining.