International Candy Co: Startup Pitch Deck


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International Candy Co pitch deck.

Presented at "New Tech (Boulder Denver) Monthly Meetup" on May 1, 2012 and "BDW | Startup Pitchfest 2012" on May 2, 2012

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  • \nHi. What you see up here is my favorite European candy. Delicious gummy mushrooms. They are called "Süsse Schaumpilze." \nPlease say "Süsse Schaumpilze" with me on the count of three. 1, 2, 3. "Süsse Schaumpilze!”\nAwesome!\n\n
  • \nMy name is Jürg Schaeppi and I am the CEO of the International Candy Company. I have a big sweet tooth. And I'm not alone. \nMy network of friends and family back home in Switzerland share that passion with me. \n\n\n
  • \nLast year I started sending them care packages full of American candy to them, to share my discoveries with them. It was a huge success. They loved it. \nThat was when I realized that there is an opportunity here. There's a world of great and undiscovered candy out there that, for most of us, remains...\n\n\n
  • \n...out of reach. \nBut it doesn't have to be this way.\n\n
  • \nOur solution is to build a global online candy marketplace where candy lovers can discover, discuss, buy and sell candy from around the world.\n\n\n
  • \nHere’s how it works. Anyone can visit our site and start exploring the vast candy library by country, variety or, in this case, specific brand. Browse through seller results and once you find someone who has what you want, connect with them directly to place an order or set up an exchange. The communication and order flow is all handled within the ICC platform.\n\n\n
  • \nAnd, there you have it. The candy starts flying.\n\n
  • \nAnd, there you have it. The candy starts flying.\n\n
  • \nAnd, there you have it. The candy starts flying.\n\n
  • \nAnd, there you have it. The candy starts flying.\n\n
  • \nAnd, there you have it. The candy starts flying.\n\n
  • \nAnd, there you have it. The candy starts flying.\n\n
  • \nWhat you see here is one of our very first exchanges. Sandra from Switzerland just got a package full of Reece‘s Pieces from her new candy friend Carrie from New York, along with a handwritten note on our stationery.\nNow, to tell you more about our idea and its history, my lovely co-founder Steve Dolan\nThank you, sir. Hey, let’s hear it for Jürg everybody!!\nSo, when I first met with Jürg to discuss this idea, I walked away thinking to myself…\n\n\n
  • \n….“what in the hell was that charming lunatic talking about!?”\nThen, after we had a chance to discuss the idea further and I did little bit of homework, I started to realize that this guy is actually on to something.\n\n\n
  • \nI learned that candy is as recession-proof as it is delicious. \n… and 2012 is on pace to be the best year the industry has seen in over a decade. \n\n\n
  • \nHaving a background in advertising and strategic planning, I was eager to dig into the candy consumer mindset… \nAnd I’ve since identified three key motivators: variety, adventure and community.\nWe believe there’s a rare and ripe opportunity to indulge all three of these cravings.\n\n\n
  • \nOur intention is to capitalize on this by charging a 10% fee for each transaction made through the platform.\nAnd the goal is to reach 250,0000 members after our first year in business.\n\n\n
  • \nAs Jürg alluded to, and you saw, earlier, the community is already alive and growing. \nAs it stands, we’re converting 33% of those who visit the site... and we already have members from 75 different countries.\nOverall, we’ve been sincerely thrilled and humbled by the response.\n\n\n
  • \nSo, to keep this momentum alive, we’re looking to raise $750,000. \nThis would cover a variety of costs, including operational, staffing, marketing, etc\nWe’re happy to cover in greater details during the Q&A. But, for now…\n\n\n
  • \n…I’m Steve, aka Gummy Colas or Soda Pop.\nMy man over there on the slides is Mike Lanning; he goes by Skittles.\nAnd, of course, our wonderful CEO, "Shuuuuzeeee Shawntooootssssay” ... did I get that, right?\n\n
  • \nThank you for your time.\n\n
  • International Candy Co: Startup Pitch Deck

    1. 1. a world of candy within reach
    2. 2. Discover Discuss $ Exchange
    3. 3. Freak
    4. 4. $ 150 Billion total revenue in 2010$ 210 B$ 190 B $ 170 B 2017 2014 2010
    5. 5. Variety Adventure Community
    6. 6. Business Model 10% transaction fee 25,000 users in the first year
    7. 7. 33%conversion75countries
    8. 8. Vicente Cano Steve Dolan Dan Nelson Advisor Lisa RutherfordJürg Schaeppi Mike Lanning
    9. 9. @intlcandy