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Data and education 16 may 2014 haggard london


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talk deliverd at Making It Happen workshop London 16 May organised by LinkedUp Project see I reflect on issues in use and relevance of data from two case studies of mobile applications delivering learning in Africa

Published in: Education, Technology
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Data and education 16 may 2014 haggard london

  1. 1. The Rush for Mobile Education Let’s talk about user Data London 16 `May 2014 Stephen Haggard Consultant in Educational Technology Reflections based on case studies for UNESCO and Web Foundation • SMS and USSD app for pupil quizzing • SMS Professional learning app for farmers
  2. 2. CDRs - proven role for mobile data in Development Society: traffic management Health: epidemic tracking
  3. 3. Adoption improvement – proven role for data mining
  4. 4. What about data in mobile learning ? “If you think technology can solve your education problems, then you don't understand the problems and you don't understand the technology. The solution lies in process and systems -- and people” Mike Trucano
  5. 5. Data mining is most helpful to disadvantaged learners Impact of data-driven content recommendation on students in 4 US community colleges and state universities, 2013
  6. 6. Mobile Education app reaching 200,000 pupils Data Consumers Learners guidance on: Focus areas, targets Parents supervise Pupil performance School performance Education Ministry monitoring results by: School, region & teacher
  7. 7. 100,000 users of rural smallholder SMS education service Benefits to sponsoring organisation • Controls value chain, has satellite surveys of all plots, owns user data • (mis)perceived to be a source of loans or subsidies Benefits to farmers • SMS guide reduces costs (<80%) • Training centres, literacy, numeracy etc. 40% participation • Yield increases <25% Data captured : farm size, yield, name, age, picture, phone number, enquiries, sales, e- commerce
  8. 8. Good for everyone ?
  9. 9. Issues • Consent & ownership of data • How can we spread benefts • Incentivisations based on data-driven insights: WHOM should they support – Company revenue – Best-progressing learners – Most needy learners
  10. 10. Open Data Commons