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Commercial success in the U.S. relies on three factors: a strong product, a comprehensive market entry strategy and a strong distribution and sales network. Unfortunately, many companies have failed in their attempt to enter the U.S. market. In most cases, these companies fail because they lack a clear market entry plan and lack experience in the U.S. market.

The CXO Advisory Group can be your gateway to success in the U.S.A.

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USA Market Entry Services - CXO Advisory Group

  1. 1. CXOAdvisory GroupU.S. Market Entry Services
  2. 2. The CXO Advisory Group— 1 —For companies headquartered outside of the UnitedStates, penetrating the U.S. market is an importantpart of any business strategy. The U.S. market islarge, homogeneous, and a traditional leader in mostproduct categories. The rewards of a successful U.S.presence can be extremely gratifying. In additionto the U.S. market opportunity, establishing andmaintaining market share in the U.S. can play animportant role in maintaining technical advantageand market share in your home market.Commercial success in the U.S. relies on threefactors: a strong product, a comprehensive marketentry strategy and a strong distribution and salesnetwork. Unfortunately, many companies have failedin their attempt to enter the U.S. market. In mostcases, these companies fail because they lack a clearmarket entry plan and lack experience in the Gateway to Success in the U.S.A.As a strategic operations, advisory and managementconsulting firm, The CXO Advisory Group can helpyou: Fine tune your product for the U.S. market Improve your competitive advantage Plan your market entry, product launch, salesand customer support strategies Establish and manage sales channels Generate sales, manage relationships, andsupport marketingAbove all, we open the gateway to high sales — andmutually profitable partnerships.Four Steps to Profits1 2 3 4Perform StrategicBusiness Assessment• Assess companysreadiness to enter theU.S.Develop andimplement acustomized entry plan• Develop productstrategy forlocalization, pricing,discount levels,marketing programsthat maximizecustomer exposure,and sales channelbusiness models thatmaximize revenue.• Implement the planBuild channelrelationships• Leverage longstandingrelationships tointroduce products intothe market• Create and fosternew channel and keycustomer relationshipsDrive revenue• Secure key referenceaccounts• Establish a "pipeline"and tracking system fornew sales opportunities• Track effectiveness ofexisting channels• Provide tools to assistreseller or distributororganization to closelarge accounts• Establish strategicpartnerships with othermanufacturers
  3. 3. The CXO Advisory Group— 2 —Critical Issues Challenging YouThe CXO Advisory Group can help you answerthe challenging operational, sales and marketingquestions, such as: Are we ready to enter the U.S? How can we cost effectively enter the What is the competitive landscape? How do pricing strategies differ in the U.S.? What sales strategy would be most effective? What is the right balance between direct andindirect sales? Who should we approach for strategic alliancesand how do we build these partnerships? How do we set up an effective marketing,service and support program?Strategic Business AssessmentDo you have the resources to enter the U.S.successfully? Entering the U.S. market will take asignificant amount of corporate resources and youmust be sure that the company can handle the strainit will put on current operations.The first step in the program is to evaluate yourproduct and perform an assessment of the companyand its operations. This will give us a good indicationof your potential for success in the U.S. market. Webegin by performing an internal evaluation of thecorporation, interviewing key personnel, reviewingavailable market research, laying out a schedule ofmilestones, then interviewing key customers.At the root of our strategic business assessmentis a deep understanding of technology, as well ascurrent and emerging customer needs. Our Strategicassessment may involve determining the best placesto allocate corporate resources; identifying shifts inthe market and positioning the company for differentmarket scenarios; reviewing the effectiveness ofsales channel strategies; assessing a stalled productlaunch; or develop specific strategic plans to assistbusiness units with new business development,market analysis and improvement in profitability.Market Entry PlanNext we will produce a comprehensive marketentry plan that will provide you with a road map tointroduce, market and distribute your product in theU.S. The Plan will include: An in-depth assessment of the effort required tofinalize your product for production and marketintroduction Development of a market introductionplan which will include: RecommendedPricing Structures, Distribution ChannelRecommendations, Budgets, Launch Schedulesand Timetables, Advertising, P.R. and TradeShow Strategies Establishment of a target date for the start ofsales Development of a unit sales plan for the firsttwelve monthsImplementing the PlanUsing the accumulated information, market insightsand decisions made during first two stages ofprogram, we will assist you in executing the plan.We are offering you the opportunity to leverage ourmarketing, technical, channel management andadministrative resources. We are looking forward tobeing your strategic partner in entering the largestmarket in the world.Industry Expertise The professionals of the CXO Advisory Group have indepth experience in a broad spectrum of industries,including but not limited to: Manufacturing Industrial and automotive products­ Consumer electronics­ Consumer packaged goods­ Publishing and media­ Computer hardware and software­ Internet and e-commerce Information technology/data services
  4. 4. The CXO Advisory Group— 3 —Contact UsOffice Locations:MassachusettsStephen N. DavisThe CXO Advisory Group430 Franklin Village Drive, Suite 103Franklin, MA 02038Phone: (508) 528-7571Fax: (413) 674-9134email: