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Entrepreneuracademyquotes 130325010033-phpapp01

  1. 1. The Need
  2. 2. Meet Raj... The Need
  3. 3. He comes up with a brilliant idea... The Need
  4. 4. Dude! This is gonna rock The Need
  5. 5. But sadly, the journey of an entrepreneur is not that easy... The Need
  6. 6. How do I secure funding? How do I hire people? How do I market my idea? What about legal stuff? What is ‘drag along’? The Need
  7. 7. Arghhh! The Need
  8. 8. We are here to help The Need
  9. 9. Entrepreneur Academy enables entrepreneurs to learn from other experienced entrepreneurs, angels and professionals. In One Sentence
  10. 10. Awesome!
  11. 11. What is Entrepreneur Academy?
  12. 12. Entrepreneur Academy is an online portal that features video lessons for entrepreneurs In One Sentence
  13. 13. •Lessons for the entire lifecycle of a venture •From the idea or concept stage all the way through to growth and exit What does it Contain?
  14. 14. Lessons on specific topics and first person interviews of a variety of entrepreneurs and experts What does it Contain?
  15. 15. Entrepreneur Academy is an initiative by The Wadhwani Foundation and powered by National Entrepreneurship Network Who is Building it?
  16. 16. How does Entrepreneur Academy work?
  17. 17. Complete Courses that teaches you a concept end to end. Example: Finding a new business idea. How to videos. Example: How to hire someone senior than you. Interviews: Example: How mentoring helped me by Phani Sama, CEO, RedBus Entrepreneur Academy Offerings
  18. 18. The Signup Process Go to nenonline.tv Signup for your free account Start learning
  19. 19. Content Samples
  20. 20. Overview Click to View the Video
  21. 21. Example Course Video Click to View the Video
  22. 22. Example How to Video Click to View the Video
  23. 23. Example Interview Click to View the Video
  24. 24. www.nenonline.tv ecademy@nenonline.org www.facebook.com/nenindia www.twitter.com/nenindia www.youtube.com/TheWFEAcademy