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2             You know the course content. You’re good at it. This is good, it             was fun, and it’s been really s...
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The grading rubric


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Yes, this is how my mind works for marking.

Published in: Education, Technology
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The grading rubric

  1. 1. Dr Stephen Dann The % Translation Guide Grade Range I am displeased. I am disappointed. My dissatisfaction will be communicated to you in a manner that ensures that you are most uncomfortable with your decision for an extended period of time. 0Cheated Regret is a powerful tool for learning, and I will see to it that something educational happens to you in this assessment task. That was short and painful. Neither of us is looking forward to the consultation session following this one. This could be time forEF 0 one of those conversations that starts with “How do we resolve this in a manner that lets you exit gracefully?” Unfortunately, you just demonstrated that you don’t know the course content. It’s going to possibly end in tears, because it 10%-40F certainly created more frustration than it solved. This will % usually have the conversation that starts with “How do we ensure that we don’t have this conversation again this semester?” You sort of know the course content. Maybe. Either way, we’re both glad that’s over, and really, neither of us would like to mention it again if at all possible. If this was an exam where you left early, I understand. If this was an assignment, and I don’t see you, I understand. Submit, pass, keep moving, and get out of the subject in survival mode. Been there, done that, passed go,P 50-59% collected 50% and never looked back. If we are having a conversation, it will start with “Okay, from here, your options are…” or “This is where it went right. Replicate that paragraph’s style more frequently next assessment item”. You know the course content. You’re okay at it. It’s been pleasant enough to mark this answer. Maybe a little frustration here and there as a point was missed, but no worse than watching the home team miss an open shot on goal. Okay, maybe a little bit worse, or a little more painful when you look at the replay and go “Oh no, how did I miss that?”.C 60-69% If we’re having a conversation, it’s usually going to be a bit awkward, because there’s that moment when you’re looking at the answer or the marksheet and say “Oh” very quietly, and try not to look embarrassed. It’s okay, the whole point of the conversation is to be able to move on, unfriend the assignment and block it on Facebook. It’s okay, I’ve been there. I know.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License.
  2. 2. 2 You know the course content. You’re good at it. This is good, it was fun, and it’s been really solidly crafted. The future is in good hands, and you should feel confident in your work. That said, if you do come and see me, I’m going to be theD 70-79% embarrassed one who can’t actually articulate why the D wasn’t an HD other than “Sufficiently Distinguishable from Magic1” That, and your paper was beaten to the top of the pack by one or more of the HD papers. Competitive grading can be a killer for almost great papers. You know the course content. You’re very good at it. It’s been amazing to mark this paper, and it’s been enjoyable to read. The sense of satisfaction and happiness you’re feeling from the grade is quite similar to the satisfaction I’ve felt at reading this answer.HD 80-89% We’re probably never going to have a conversation about the assessment item. That’s okay, because you’re going to be otherwise occupied by being awesome, and basking in glory. Enjoy it. You know the course content. You’re great at it. It’s been an honor to mark this paper, and it’s been a privilege to have served as your instructor. There’s been a sense of discovery, learning, and the odd whistle of appreciation as you’ve executed one of those amazing moves 90-100SHD in text that we discuss in hushed tones at the examiner’s % meetings. You are the subject of myth and legend, and we’re going to tell bigger and better stories about this assignment over the years. Have you consider a career on this side of the lectern?1 Clarkes Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Profiles ofthe Future (revised edition, 1973), work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Australia License.